Friday, May 20, 2016

Greensboro #3 Fast Food Consumption

It's bad enough that Greensboro is the #1 hungriest Metropolitan Statistical Area in the nation.

It's bad enough that according to the City of Greensboro's own survey,  33% Of Greensboro Urban Population Lives In Food Desert.
It's bad enough that Greensboro is 10th highest in obesity nationwide.

It's bad enough that Greensboro is the Stroke Capital Of North Carolina.

But now we learn from Fox 8 that Greensboro ranks third in country for fast food consumption:

 "Business for Cone Health cardiologist Dr. Jake Hochrein is booming, but he sure wishes it wasn't.
"Today, I looked at our schedule, we have 433 patients coming in through the door today," Hochrein said. "It's often up to 500 people a day. So often, the issues that bring them here are preventable."

According to a food service research company, people in Greensboro eat on average a whopping 17 fast food meals each month, which makes it No. 3 in the country for the area with the most fast food consumption. One big reason for that? Greensboro is known for being what's called a food desert, meaning it can be tough to find healthy food nearby.

"If you drive through some neighborhoods, you'll see that there aren't any grocery stores to be found, but there is plenty of fast food to be found. And also, people just go for it out of convenience. But with that fast food comes so much saturated fat, carbohydrates and it's all really, really high in sodium," Hochrein said."

Could it get much worse? Well if you'll click on over to Billy's Big List Of Documented Reasons Why Greensboro Sucks, You'll see it already has.  A lot worse.

And no one is doing anything about it.