Wednesday, May 18, 2016

News and Record's Margaret Moffett; "Council halts discussion on downtown contract amid allegation"

"The City Council abruptly ended a discussion Tuesday about who should run downtown’s business district after a bidder accused the city of giving an unfair advantage to Downtown Greensboro Inc.

Zack Matheny and DGI obviously had an unfair advantage
as Zack's cronies pay City Council members in exchange for taxpayer funded largess

It happened as council members were listening to a presentation from downtown developer Eric Robert. His company, Qub, submitted a bid to manage the district — and get the $600,000 a year that comes with the contract.

Zack Matheny's proposal for Greensboro's downtown improvement district proposal 
has become a great example of how corrupted the City's staff and Council have become.

...DGI, lead by former City Councilman Zack Matheny, also submitted a bid to manage the downtown business district.

Zack is City Council and City Council's donor paymaster's pawn and lobbyist.  

In previous years, the council didn’t have to let other groups compete with DGI to get that contract. But a vote by the General Assembly changed that last September.

Now, via a clearly rigged RFP process, as Zack came in with a $999,771 proposal 
when the limit was $600,000, 
the game's outcome appears clearly predetermined and rigged for the inside elite crowd.

During his presentation, Robert said he learned Tuesday that city staffers let DGI modify its bid after the process had been closed.

Zack Matheny had a direct financial interest in applying for a job he voted to fund, 
and now Tom Philion and David Parrish and the rest of Council 
are in on getting Zack a new contract with an incorrect and overpriced proposal 
which violated the RFP rules of engagement, without consequence.

Assistant City Manager David Parrish explained that the modification didn’t change the substance of DGI’s bid.

After listing Assistant City Manager David Parrish as a reference, 
who is said to be involved in determining who gets the contract, 
Matheny also listed ArtsGreensboro's Tom Philion, 
whose organization has is and continues to gain from City Council votes, 
making Tom a 'yes man' along with Parrish for references 
as Tom serves on DGI's board and takes money from taxpayers with Zack's help 
and the News and Record's complicity and profitability, 
as ArtsGreensboro pays the paper, literally, 
for positive press with the help of Margaret Moffett, 
who is in Mike Barber's back pocket, and has been for years. 

Councilman Tony Wilkins started questioning city staffers. He said he knows someone connected to a third group, the lowest bidder on the project, that didn’t get such special favors.

Councilman Mike Barber then asked for a recess...  Barber told council members they needed to stop the discussion until the city’s legal staff could investigate the matter.

Mike Barber is a known liar 
who tried to extort the DGI job for Zack Matheny out of Cyndi Hayworth 
after Zack leaked Hayworth's lack of education credentials, leaving her ineligible for the job 
after Matheny helped get Jason Cannon fired to get the same job 
and the News and Record and the Rhino Times didn't report it 
and endorsed Mike Barber as he personally profits from taxpayer owned properties
and has City of Greensboro employees fix and deliver golf carts to his residence
so his kids can play on them.

The council returned to open session a few minutes later, then voted to postpone its decision on who should get the contract.

Barber said afterward that he stopped the meeting after “hearing an allegation from one of the legal bidders that completely put the process in another context.”...

Mayor Nancy Vaughan said the council needed to stop the meeting to make sure there is no hint of controversy when the council finally does vote on awarding the contract...

Zack Matheny, Nancy Vaughan and Mike Barber 
put their own interests of power, income and reelection in front of the best interests of City of Greensboro taxpayers, 
and the News and Record and the Rhino Times didn't report it, as they are in on the pay to play.

Vaughan said the council will talk about it at the next meeting. That’s scheduled for June 7, but Vaughan said the date likely will change since it is election day for Congressional races."

Mayor Vaughan and Zack Matheny are Roy Carroll etc...'s pawns, along with most of council
as declared by multiples of high ranking City of Greensboro employees behind the backs 
of their crooked/fucked up/corrupt/crony leadership who are sick of being abused with lies told to the public

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