Thursday, June 23, 2016

John Hammer on Greensboro's regressive water and sewer regressive tax increase

"...The City Council voted 7-to-1 to raise the water and sewer rates by 4.5 percent, just like City Manager Jim Westmoreland asked them to.  This was the one portion of the budget that it appeared the City Council might actually have some input on.  But when faced with the city staff that wanted more money, the council caved...

No mention of how the tax would be about double for those outside Greensboro staff wanted this rate increase and it is the city staff, not the City Council, that is running the city.

...the staff really wanted this and in two weeks managed to turn three no votes from Councilmembers Yvonne Johnson, Sharon Hightower and Marikay Abuzuaiter into yes votes.  Assistant City Manager David Parrish gave a presentation on Tuesday that, according to councilmembers, explained why the rate increase was so necessary.

It did nothing of the sort.

The presentation was about what a great water resources department the city had and what good work the department does in providing clean water and cleaning wastewater.  Parrish didn’t mention a single project that couldn’t be funded if the rate increase wasn’t approved, and that might be because there isn’t one.  The water resources department currently has $25 million in the bank and makes a profit every year.

The reason that water rates needed to be raised, it seems, is because Greensboro has the second lowest water rates of any comparable city in the state..."

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