Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Contract Mayor Vaughan Didn't Want You To See: Part 2

Yesterday I posted The Contract Mayor Vaughan Didn't Want You To See.

That prompted an e-mail from several prominent local attorneys. Here's an e-mail from one from which I have excerpted parts:

"It only says Rossabi Black and Slaughter were being retained to represent the City in the "collection of delinquent tax assessments." The deposition isn't mentioned. Is there an amendment to that letter or contract that actually refers to representation in the deposition? I think a malpractice carrier wouldn't be happy if there's nothing showing what the firm represented the client on. And where is there something saying they're representing Nancy? "

Interestingly enough, we were inquiring about Robert v. City of Greensboro and neither asked about nor knew anything about delinquent taxes.

Also, Greensboro City Attorney Thomas Carruthers signed off on the PIRT request saying:

"The contract is a public record irrespective of the Robert case.  We will provide.


Our lawyer friend replied back:

"Am surprised that City didn't amend the engagement letter or have a general one with RBS."

I replied to my lawyer friend:

"I'm not surprised, we're dealing with cocaine addicts, pill poppers, drunks and idiots. This is exactly how they get themselves into this shit to begin with."

We now have what appears to be fraud, misappropriation of funds, maleficence and an effort on behalf of the city legal department to conspire with Mayor Vaughan to commit these crimes.

Things are going to be hopping on the 2nd floor by the time I get there today to pick up my most recent PIRT request concerning Zack Methany.

And in case you missed it, Click here to view the letter.

My name is Billy Jones and I'm running for Mayor of Greensboro in 2017 and I have promised that if you elect me I will open a full investigation into the corruption of Mayor Vaughan and the entire Greensboro City Council.

Of course, if they keep this up they'll all be in jail before then.