Wednesday, July 20, 2016

$832,000 Payoff; "Buffalo Public Schools award the contract to Say Yes for community program"

"The Buffalo Public Schools will turn to a familiar partner to help pull off the district’s new community schools program beginning in September.

The Board of Education on Tuesday awarded Say Yes Buffalo the contract to manage the community schools project, which will include the hiring of 12 new staff members at a cost of $832,000.

The money will come from the $12.5 million that the district received in state money to introduce the community school model at 13 city schools, where more “wraparound” services will be offered to students and their parents. That will include after-school and Saturday programs; tutoring and mentoring; adult education; and services for the neediest students.

Say Yes was one of three organizations to bid for the contract and was chosen based on the related work it already does in the district, officials said. Besides providing college scholarships to graduating students, Say Yes offers summer enrichment programs, mental health clinics and legal services at city schools.

However, board members Theresa A. Harris-Tigg, Patricia A. Pierce and Paulette Woods all raised questions about the contract. Harris-Tigg, in particular, was concerned about giving over too much control to Say Yes.

Jay Rey, News Staff Reporter for the Buffalo News
has been contacted by EZGreensboro staff on multiples of occasions,
and has not asked or reported one question on Say Yes to Education,
and now Mr. Rey is reporting a contract with a local municipality
deeply involved with Say Yes, and didn't report the issues 
to New York State taxpayers who are funding Say Yes

Superintendent Kriner Cash said he’s grateful for the assistance from Say Yes, because the district doesn’t have the staff to coordinate all the activities within the new community schools.

David P. Rust, executive director of Say Yes Buffalo, said that this is the first time the nonprofit has submitted a request to do this type of work and it will end up paying about $40,000 out of its own pocket for in-kind services, equipment and training.

How selfless, a former city of Erie County employee;

David Rust is the Executive Director of Say Yes to Education, Buffalo. 

Prior to joining Say Yes Buffalo, 
David served as Deputy Commissioner for Youth Services/Social Services
for Erie County.

Just like Mary Vigue and Donnie Turlington in Greensboro
are former local government employees

...Say Yes will end up hiring a project manager to oversee the community school program at a cost of $107,000; two zone leaders for a total of $149,000; and nine community school facilitators for a total cost of $576,000.

Who runs Say Yes Guilford?

Former Greensboro Assistant Manager Mary Vigue
and former Greensboro Communications Director Donnie Turlington
who now work out of a taxpayer funded library

Say Yes also will hire people to staff several “parent centers” at four of the community schools to improve parent engagement in the district...

Three for Three;

WEDNESDAY, JULY 29TH 2015; "The Say Yes to Education program has closed its Syracuse office"

"According to the mayor's office, the job of Operating Director held by former Syracuse Parks Commissioner Pat Driscoll, has also been eliminated.

High Point and Greensboro's Community Foundations 'received' unknown amounts of money from donors, and Say Yes national is supposed to pitch in another $15 million, regardless of whether Richard "Skip" Moore says it's material or not;

"Prior to officially joining the Say Yes Buffalo team Betsy played a key role in the launch of the initiative in 2011, in her previous capacity as communications director for the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo"


To contact the operating committee, email

Dr. Nora Carr, Co-Interim Superintendent, Guilford County Schools
Eugene Chasin, COO, Say Yes to Education
Dr. Larry Czarda, President, Greensboro College
Greg Demko, City Manager, City of High Point
Alan Duncan, Chair, Guilford County Board of Education
Mona Edwards, COO, Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Anthony “Tony” Graham, Representative, Grassroots Parent Coordinators
Kevin Gray, President, Weaver Foundation
Clarence Grier, Deputy County Manager, Guilford County
Dr. Nakia Hardy, Chief Academic Officer, Guilford County Schools
Barbara Harris, Interim Assistant City Manger, City of Greensboro
Angela Waiters Jackson, President, Guilford County Association of Educators
Winston McGregor, Executive Director, Guilford Education Alliance
Aisha Miller, Representative, Guilford Parent Academy Title 1 Parents
David Miller, Representative, High Point Community Foundation
Mindy Oakley, Director, Edward M. Armfield Foundation
Alan Parker, Principal, Southwest Guilford High School
Dr. Randy Parker, President, Guilford Technical Community College
Cheryl Smith, Representative, Guilford County Council of PTAs
Mary Vigue, Executive Director, Say Yes Guilford


Contact Say Yes staff by calling 336-814-2233 or via email at

Mary Vigue, Executive Director
Felicia Andrews, Community Relations Specialist
Dr. Kristen Christman, Scholarship Director
Kinsley Fraser, Scholarship Coordinator
Casey Harris, Data and Evaluation Director
Connie Kisling, Office Manager
Keith G. Pemberton, Family and Student Engagement Director
Donnie Turlington, Communications Director

No pics or backgrounds at Say Yes Guilford;