Friday, July 1, 2016

City Leaders Heads Up Their Asses, Records In The Clouds

Again, the City of Greensboro is caught hiding public records from the public. Roch Smith jr has the story.

"GREENSBORO, NC – In saying no to a recent public records request, the city of Greensboro has asserted an unprecedented position about the records it keeps stored in the cloud — that they are not public because of where they are kept.

This reporter requested records from the city of Greensboro cataloguing the assignment of body-worn cameras for a single day in March. This was not a request for video from the cameras, only for the administrative records documenting their assignments for that day.

The city initially denied that it had any such records. When confronted with the directive in its own Greensboro Police Department (GPD) directives manual that instructs the supervising officer to record the assignments of body-worn cameras at the beginning of each shift, the city acknowledged that this information is recorded, but then denied it had the ability to retrieve it. That wasn’t true either."

Is there no end to the lies Greensboro's leaders will tell us?