Thursday, July 14, 2016

If I Were Mayor Of Greensboro: Part 33

Greensboro is doomed. Economically, Greensboro will fail in just a few years under the current regime. Learn the skills you need to survive, to keep urban farms, to build the machines, to fix your cars, to make your fuel. I'm 60 years old, born and raised in Northeast Greensboro, and can grow enough food to feed a small family in my yard-- young people can do it too. Young people can do more-- lots more.Learn to use tools, work with your hands-- everything you need to know to prepare for the future, good, bad, or ugly, is on YouTube. What's that? Prepare for jobs? In East and South Greensboro? What is there to prepare for, Roy Carroll just sealed the deal, the jobs aren't coming. Your Mayor and City Council sold you out.

You can do many of the things I've told you about in my series, If I Were Mayor of Greensboro even if I'm not elected Mayor and without the permission of the City of Greensboro. No one needs permission to do the right thing.

And if they try to stop them from doing the right thing then YouTube has thousands of examples of how you can fight back.

They only get bigger and badder from there. Remember: Weapons are only for self defense.

Note: Use a laptop and public WiFi to do your research so that you will be harder to track. The Greensboro Public Libraries offer free public WiFi, just keep your screen angled low so that no one else including the security cameras can monitor what you are watching. If they question you just close your laptop, say you were watching porn and leave. All they'll do is ban you from the library.

Many of the so called liberals at the Facebook group Greater Greensboro Politics are only liberals until it comes to their fat ass wallets. Once being liberal starts to cost them money they immediately become institutional racists. But then most of you living on Greensboro's East Side already knew that. They like Greensboro just the way it is and don't give a damn about black people or poor white folk.

The conservatives at Greensboro and Guilford County Politics etc... Well they're pretty much the same except they're stupid enough to think there's any difference between them and the liberals they profess to hate.

Both sides are too dumb to realize a war is about to start right here in Greensboro and despite all their guns and tough talk they are outnumbered roughly 10 to 1 by lots of very pissed off young people (Many of which have recently returned from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to find there is nothing here for them.) who can out run, out jump, out fight and out shoot those fat old bastards every which-a-way.. Both side are so dumb they don't realize that most of Greensboro's young people will not be finding this via Facebook but via other means they've yet to hear of.

They're so busy fighting the liberal vs conservatives war they don't realize the real war is young people vs old people-- a war they started and can never win.

How dumb are they? Both sides will still be laughing at me when the East Side and Greensboro youth rise up and kick their asses. Or just quit wiping their asses. That's how dumb they are.

Both groups will probably kick me out now (Candy asses are scared of a few rough words) so if you intend to keep up with my ongoing Platform for Mayor of Greensboro, North Carolina then you'll either have to catch me on my personal page at Facebook or at Real Progress for Greensboro.They're going to try to silence me sooner or later. They've done it time and time again. My ideas will weaken their grip on you, empower you, take away their control. I advocate for the working classes. No one else.

I know many of you cannot openly share what I write because they will retaliate against you. Our own Abner Doon must use that name because they threaten his boss and his boss's business should Abner use his real name. Share what you can, privately.

Form small groups and communicate face to face. Get off the Internet except to read. There is no privacy online. Me? I'm only online to spread the message you see, nothing more. I've committed no crimes, I have no criminal record-- they can kick me out of their online forums, forbid me to speak at their gatherings but they cannot silence me unless they kill me.

And that brings the Feds down on top of them.

So why do I want to be Mayor of Greensboro? Quite frankly, because no one else has the balls to stand up to Roy Carroll, Marty Kotis and the rest of Greensboro's top 1%. I exposed the gangster Rocky Scarfone for what he is-- do you really think I'm going to back down now? Scarfone threatened to sue me so I wrote a 13 chapter book exposing the criminal records of Rocky and his entire family, and published it online free for anyone to read.

I want to be Mayor because I'm sick and tired of watching children bleed to death from gunshot wounds on Greensboro streets caused by situations I personally warned the Greensboro Police Department and Chief of Police about for months before it happened.

I want to be Mayor of Greensboro because Greensboro's working class deserves to be represented by Greensboro's working class-- someone who know what life is like where you live, someone who knows what its like to struggle not just for a little while but for a lifetime. Because you deserve representation.

I want to be Mayor of Greensboro because it's not about the man, it's about the message he brings:

"What's more important, the man or the message he brings. Jesus, Mohamed, Moses,  Gautama Buddha and the leaders of all the other great religions have left us in the physical sense, but the messages they brought with them live on.
I think the answer is plain, the message is more important than the man."

I'm not a prophet but I do have a message. Come back for If I Were Mayor Of Greensboro: Part 34 as I continue my message and usher in a political revolution. And If I fail? Well, you'll know what to do.