Monday, July 11, 2016

Say Yes To Education-- The E-Mails, Part 5

One of the things that has puzzled everyone who has looked into Say Yes To Education since long before I began the series Say Yes To Education-- The E-mails is where will the money come from?

The amounts of money furnished by cities, counties and school districts-- all of them already strapped for cash-- simply isn't enough to sustain the endowments over the long term. That is the best explanation I can come up with for why Say Yes Philadelphia, Say Yes Hartford, Say Yes NYC and several other cities have all folded.

And then there's that 38% return on investments and the offshoring of funds to the Caribbean.

But it might be that the e-mails I'm sharing with you today will shine some light on the subject.

You see, School board officials in Syracuse, NY knew all along there would never be enough money in Syracuse to cover the cost of Say Yes To Education. But they signed on anyway, apparently because they believed help would be coming from the State of New York.

From the Say Yes Syracuse Memorandum of Agreement:

And check out the termination agreement-- no mention of returning the taxpayer dollars.

George Weiss doesn't have to even skip the country to steal the money and keep it in his Cayman Island bank accounts. All he has to do is give 30 days notice. And to think, Guilford County Schools just hired the woman who helped George Weiss get the Syracuse City Schools to sign this contract to run the Guilford County Schools.

You can read the Syracuse-- Say Yes To Education Memorandum of Agreement and the e-mails between the Syracuse school officials in their entirety by clicking here. As you'll notice, everyone appeared to be too busy going to conferences and congradulating one another to actually look into what was going on.

Now the question becomes: Have Guilford County Schools been promised education money the rest of the state isn't getting in order to cover up for the George Weiss and Say Yes To Education Ponzi scheme?

And just so you know, I did receive a letter in the mail over the weekend confirming that the North Carolina Secretary of State has received my complaint concerning Say Yes, Guilford. It's file #16SEC093 for any who might be interested.