Saturday, September 3, 2016

Alt Aggrigated

There used to be something here in town known as a blog aggregator. People loved it as it made local blogs really easy to find and read. What used to be our local blog aggregator still exists but it is pretty much filled with local main stream media content with a few blogs scattered here and there and quickly disappearing under the avalanche of main stream media.

Some people say Blogsboro (a name given to Greensboro by the Los Angeles Times) is dead. I simply say someone is trying to silence us. And so being that EzGreensboro has the largest online following of any blog in the Greensboro I decided to do something about it in the form of aggregated blog content right here on the front page and every page of

All you need to is look to the column on the left to find the latest updates from area blogs writing about anything and everything you can imagine-- even if I personally, don't happen to like the blog or its author.

As each blog updates it will automatically move to the top of the list-- most of the time. Over a decade and still RSS still don't always ping when they should. I've no idea why. And no, I've no idea how it works, I just added it to the site. Sometimes it will even display pictures.

If you're writing a local blog, no matter what the subject, and would like it added, just e-mail a link to your blog to me at About all I'll turn away is spam and outright profanity.

It's small now but it will grow. After all, there's lots of news that is never told by the main stream media and we don't want it to get lost.