Monday, August 1, 2016

Oil, Oil stocks and pretend money

Usually, higher oil stocks = lower prices, 
unless central banks are printing currency to artificially inflate prices

Oil is now trending towards a lower low for 2016 than last year, 
except inventories are much, much much higher, 
while the value of oil company stocks become over, over priced

Oil is an indicator of economic growth, 
so as oil goes down as inventories rise and oil companies lose money
the world's financial markets should have fallen and didn't,
meaning central bank printing is artificially holding up stock and bond markets
to keep the population pacified, especially into November's US election
$180 billion of fiat currency per month keeps the frogs in the pan

This is what a bubble looks like,
the expectation of profits going forward;

But the prices have been falling, 
making the above forward earning expectations crash, again;

Once off the cliff, there is still hope if you keep running

By running ever faster you may not fall

Wile E Coyote

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