Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Secrets Of Northeast Greensboro's Urban Farm Enterprise:: Part 1

Now don't get me wrong, this is the community in which I live, the community I've spent my life in. I used to play in the abandoned rock quarry that once existed at the very site where Dr Thomas of NC A&T University built his Urban Farm Enterprise, I wish the project the best of luck. But a few years ago I unearthed facts that almost destroyed the project altogether and even today the powers that be haven't bothered to expose those who almost destroyed this project for their own personal gain.

In his article, This farm to plant its crops in Greensboro's food desert, News & Fishwrap reporter
Joe Gamm tells a great story about the Urban Farm Enterprize, formally known as the Eastern Development Growth Enterprise, but had he googled Reverend

Of course some of you may be wondering why Margaret Moffet's name keeps appearing in the top right corner og these gmail snippets. Isn't she a reporter for the News & Fishwrap? I'll get to that later.

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