Friday, September 23, 2016

A Conversation With A Judge

On October September 22, I got a letter in the mail telling me that the Guilford County Clerk of Court's office had granted to City of Greensboro a 30 day extension to reply to my lawsuit so I posted to the Facebook group, Greater Greensboro Politics about it.

Surprisingly, Magistrate Judge M Brett Moore replied to my comment. I couldn't disagree so I replied and snapped a screen grab of our conversation thus far:

Judge Moore is correct: there is a lot I need to know that I don't know. But as I pointed out, the City is now dumping public information requests on myself and others at record speed. Obviously they never wanted to before.

I violated some rules there at Greater Greensboro Politics in telling people that Judge Moore is a judge in High Point, despite the fact that anyone could get it from his Facebook page, so I doubt I'll be a member there much longer. Thus saving the screen grabs became even more important. It's okay, since announcing yesterday that I no longer intend to become Mayor of Greensboro I see no real need for the Greater Greensboro Politics group and have already left the group Greensboro and Guilford County Politics etc... The hatred, racism, prejudice and veiled threats would eventually cause me to react in ways I'd rather not do.

Unlike my youth, I now have the ability to see it coming and walk away before I do irreparable physical damage which, to be honest, usually meant I got my ass kicked. But hey, they knew I was there and that's what counted.

I was also told by Ms Carter that after a year of complaints they are finally talking about hiring a full time public records administrator.... again.

Wonder if we can get them to talk about putting those records on the Internet?

And you know what else we need to know? What is Guilford County Clerk of Court, Lisa Johnson-Tomkins involvement with a trial that involves her mother-- Yvonne Johnson, a member of the Greensboro City Council? And can we expect the Guilford County Clerk of Court to help to hide evidence or tamper in some other way just as she helped to hide assets when her father was on trial?

The idea that some people are better than others makes me fume and yet Greensboro's status quo, conservative and liberal alike are full of it. Well guess what people, none of you got where you are all on your own. And most of you with plenty got it at the expense of someone else.

I can't be Mayor of Greensboro. I can't reside over a city that is falling apart. Greensboro is in far worse shape economically than Charlotte and look what is happening in Charlotte. I wrote Gate City Bomber knowing these same kinds of things are coming to Greensboro someday soon-- no mayor will be able to handle it and I'm not going to be the one who gets stuck with the blame. Let Nancy Barakat Vaughan have the seat, she helped create this mess.

I may be crazy but I'm no fool. I'm winning my battles and moving on. Time to go pen a poem or something.