Wednesday, December 21, 2016

More lost jobs for North Carolina; "Deal to repeal NC bathroom law falls apart"

"A bipartisan agreement to repeal North Carolina’s transgender bathroom law fell apart Wednesday, after Republican legislative leaders required a late addendum of a six-month “cooling-off” period for local policies that Democrats said was a violation of a hard-fought deal.

They shouldn't have done it if they didn't have a deal,
as now we look bad at the national level, again,
for another national news cycle, which effects our reputation, negatively 

The legislature met in a special session on Wednesday to consider the repeal of House Bill 2, a state law requiring transgender people to use the public bathroom associated with the sex listed on their birth certificate. The law has prompted companies such as PayPal Holdings Inc. PYPL, +0.88%   to cancel investments and sports leagues, including the Atlantic Coast Conference, to call off tournament games that were scheduled to be held in the state.

We lost jobs, and they are still fucking our population
with this bullshit that's hurting how we are perceived by job creators 
looking to start up or move a business to North Carolina 

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory has blamed the fallout over HB2 for his loss to Democratic Governor-Elect Roy Cooper in an election year when Donald Trump handily carried the state.

Got that right, and Phil Berger and friends keep digging
without being called out by the News and Record,
along with those who fund these morons

Republican legislators said they would repeal the law, but only if the Charlotte City Council got rid of a February ordinance protecting transgender people.

The liberal council voted 7-2 in an emergency session Wednesday to repeal the city ordinance, affirming a vote they had taken Monday. That set the stage for the legislature to repeal the law. But the GOP legislative leadership said Wednesday that it also wanted a six-month moratorium on cities from passing anti-discrimination laws."

Thanks for another kick in the economic nuts, Phil and friends

North Carolina's legislature losing more jobs for its citizens with self inflicted wounds

Why would Jim Melvin give Phil Berger $7,000?

Why would Vanessa Carroll give Phil $5,000?

Why would the Koury clan give to Phil?

Why would Wells Fargo's Stanhope Kelly give Phil $4,000?

Why would Roy Carroll give Phil $10,200?

Why did Marty Kotis give Phil $10,200?

Post HB2 North Carolina state level campaign finance reports are flowing in

Dear businesses looking to relocate or expand in Greensboro, North Carolina

Art Pope and other funders of HB2 legislators cry uncle

"[Phil Berger] was once a female impersonator"

North Carolina Senator Phil Berger, President Pro Tempore, may be sexually deviant, explaining his HB2 actions