Sunday, March 19, 2017

Say Yes Guilford Needs Your Help

Say you don't believe Say Yes Guilford is in trouble? The following is an e-mail that was sent out by Ronee Penoi, CBI Project Support, Consensus Building Institute, Washington, DC., oh behalf of Say Yes Guilford:

"I am pleased to reach out on behalf of the Consensus Building Institute (CBI), a nonprofit that helps organizations and teams around the world engage and collaborate more effectively. We previously assisted Ready for School, Ready for Life; Say Yes to Education; and The Duke Endowment in a prior alignment building effort, which went well.  In every project we undertake, we invest the time to thoughtfully design the process to achieve clarity on goals, stakeholder roles, and implementation steps.  For more information about CBI, please visit
Leadership from GCS and Say Yes are requesting your participation in a confidential phone interview with us at CBI regarding the following:.
  • Whether there is sufficient cross-sector commitment to make Say Yes Guilford viable
  • Possible misperceptions and/or barriers to successful implementation
  • Differentiated roles and responsibilities in helping to ensure Say Yes is scaled and sustainable
  • The kinds of behaviors and protocols that will help get the work done (i.e. what you collectively need)

We plan to reach out to as many partners and community leaders as possible, including the groups listed below.  Should there be others to engage, or additional lines of query that might helpful, we very much welcome your suggestions.

I look forward to hearing from you with your availability for a one-hour phone interview in the next two weeks.

Warm regards,
The CBI Team
Merrick Hoben / Stacie Smith / Tushar Kansal  / Julia Golomb / Ronee Penoi "

Stakeholder Interviewee List
  • Armfield Foundation
  • City of Greensboro
  • City of High Point
  • Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
  • Guilford County
  • Guilford County Association of Educators
  • Guilford County Council of PTAs
  • Guilford County Schools
  • Guilford Education Alliance
  • High Point Community Foundation
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • International Civil Rights Center & Museum
  • Phillips Foundation
  • Ready for School, Ready for Life
  • Say Yes to Education (National & Guilford)
  • Scholarship Board
  • Weaver Foundation

Ronee Penoi, CBI Project Support
Consensus Building Institute
1875 Connecticut Ave NW, 10th Floor
Washington, DC 20009

Add to that, as reported numerous times here at dating back almost a year, and now being echoed by the High Point Enterprise in an article entitled, Public dollars used to save Syracuse Say Yes.
"The possible shortfall of money for local Say Yes to Education college tuition scholarships isn’t the first time the nonprofit group has faced a fiscal predicament. Last year it needed an infusion of public dollars to sustain its program in Syracuse, New York"

We told you it was a Ponzi scheme. We provided our readers with the evidence. Your elected leaders sold you out. Speaking of the bailout of Say Yes Syracuse, it appears the New York Comptroller might be dragging his feet on that $20 Million Dollar Bailout. From National Public Radio station WRVO:

"And he said there are some signs of progress, including a $20 million contract for Say Yes to Education, which provides college tuition to Syracuse school graduates.

“The only thing standing between that money being in a central New York bank account from where it is today is sign off from the office of the state comptroller,” Simpson said."

The Mayor of Syracuse is pointing her finger accusing the state of not funding the bailout but could the New York Comptroller be withholding funding to Say Yes because he has concerns about Say Yes business activities?

You tell me. Better yet, tell your friends. And if you find the time, read my series, Say Yes To Education, The E-mails, published June 30, 2016 thru July 11, 2016, and proving your elected leaders, school board members, County Commissioners, and City Council Members all had prior knowledge of the problems our local main stream media are currently expressing about Say Yes Guilford.And yes, I saved all the original e-mails to make them available for the North Carolina Attorney General's Office or other law enforcement agencies. May they all rot in hell.