Monday, June 12, 2017, Guts Enough To Tell It Like It Is

On April 21, 2017, in a story titled Illegal Gambling In Greensboro? we told you about Fish Tables. And while we weren't the first to write about them we were the first to tell you that fish tables are illegal in North Carolina.

We even went so far as to tell you who operates some of those illegal fish tables and their ties to the Greensboro City Council:

"Perhaps you remember when those same nice Pakistani merchants sold the Greensboro Inn to the City of Greensboro to make room for the performing arts center or when the Greensboro City Council voted to give them the shopping center on the corner of Phillips and Elwell, free of charge plus give them $2 Million Dollars to fix it up?"

Well today, Fox8 reported, Greensboro police issuing warnings to ‘fish game’ operators:

"Representatives from the Greensboro Police Department are hand-delivering letters to 37 businesses known to have such machines and providing them 30 days to voluntarily comply with the law by ceasing operation of the machines, the release said. After the grace period, owners must comply with the “cease operation” edict or face criminal action. Devices used for fish games may be seized until the matter is heard by the court and may be forfeited if found guilty of the offense."

The article goes on to say the reason these business owners are being warned instead of being charged is that they are not the criminal type. These are the same guys who sell wine and beer for food stamps.

Update: June 13, 2017 WFMY 2 reports in Game Over: Police Cracking Down On 'Fish Table Games' in Greensboro:

“Greensboro’s seen a pattern of violent crime that's been associated with these businesses,” explained Guilford County Sheriff’s Attorney Rick Stevens.

Even though it’s GPD’s crackdown, High Point Police and the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office will be on the lookout for anyone moving a fish game business outside of Greensboro city limits.

“If any vender out there thinks they're going to be closed down by GPD and move their game out into Guilford County, the answer is – that's the wrong answer, because we will shut you down immediately, and we won't give you 30 days written notice to comply,” said Sheriff’s Attorney Jim Secor.

They say operating these machines is illegal -- no matter how much skill is involved, and it's more about making money than for entertainment."

So why is it that no Fish Games ever opened in High Point or Guilford County? Could it be ties to the Greensboro City Council by the Fish House owners?

Considering this same Greensboro City Council once gave these same people a City owned shopping center plus a Million dollars cash with no obligation to pay it back, I think we know the answer.