Friday, July 28, 2017

A Conversation With John Brown: Calling The Bastard Out

Now before we continue our Conversation With John Brown let's discuss the claims Mr Brown has been making about himself.

We'll begin with the first one"

"Greensboro resident for 30 years"

Except that as a resident of Liberty, North Carolina, John Brown filed personal bankruptcy in Randolph County in 2011while listing his home address as 5415 Cook Collier Road, Liberty, NC. 27298.
"Local entrepreneur, business owner, employer and inventor"

Except that his attorney sent me a letter stating that Mr Brown doesn't own the business and therefore it would stand to reason that since he doesn't own the business he is most likely not an employer. I donno, maybe he employs illegal aliens as house keepers? I hear that's pretty common among well to do conservative politicians.

"Supporter of local arts, charities, businesses and community development programs"

Really? Which ones?

"Capable, experienced, and successful at planning and executing large projects efficiently"

Seriously? After reading all of A Conversation With John Brown I think we'll all understand why his wife has assumed control of the business. I mean, the dude can't even answer simple questions like who owns your business without hiring an attorney to threaten me.

"Holder of multiple professional licenses"

Now Folks, this one is near and dear to my heart. First off, according Yes-Weekly and several other publications:

"...Brown holds 9 state professional licenses..."

But what professional licenses would those happen to be? What were the requirements for getting them? And considering all the little white lies Mr Brown has told us to date, is this but another little white lie? Did any of the journalists who reported this actually see Mr Brown's  9 state professional licenses or did they all just assume him to be telling him the truth?

Then there's the time and effort it takes to get professional licenses. Some are quite easy and others are quite hard. Back when I got my first Commercial Drivers License I only had to take a written test and pay a small fee. These days it involves going to school.

When I got my professional certification as a North Carolina Weighmaster I filled out an application, paid a small fee, and mailed the whole thing to the State Department of Weights and Measures who sent people out to do unannounced visits on my operations from time to time.

When I became a Notary Public I spent a few nights taking classes on the High Point campus of Guilford Tech. But when my mother became a Notary years before she simply filled out a form and paid a fee.

When I got my certification as a 3rd party, North Carolina Class A Drivers License Examiner, then Lieutenant Commander Russell Wrenn of the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles came from Raleigh to Greensboro and certified me personally. You know, not many people who aren't actually employed by the State have ever been allowed to give road tests for Commercial Drivers Licenses.

I was also professionally certified as a driver training instructor. I don't even remember what I did to get that.

Getting my professional certification as a North Carolina Transfer Station Operator required that I drive my then boss' new Cadillac to Asheville, spend a weekend in a 5 star hotel, dine in 5 star restaurants, and take about 10 hours of classes over the course of a 2 day period. All at company expense. I met 5 or 6 City of Greensboro employees there who took the class with me. Did I mention I got paid for the trip?

And folks, I'm the guy with the fake high school diploma.

Fact is: I've held several other professional certifications and licenses over the years but never 9 at one time as most require recertification every few years. So again, which professional licenses does John Brown hold and what did he have to do to get them?

"Excellent at managing details while keeping a clear focus on the goal...."

Who makes this shit up? We're talking about John Brown, the man who can't even answer simple questions without freaking out and hiring his attorney in an attempt to stop me from asking questions. John Brown, a guy who cannot even manage his own personal finances and is forced to file personal bankruptcy.

Oh yeah, and then there's the subject of this series: The cease and desist letter I got from Mr Brown's attorney Paula A Wells stated:

  "They did own a property on Fairview Street to warehouse equipment when they were sited on Battleground Ave., but they sold that in 2012 in order to consolidate the operations at 205 Atwell, which Ms. Brown purchased to house her business."

Well it just so happens that if you dig in deeply at the Guilford County Register of Deeds you will discover the story Ms Wells is communicating might not be exactly as she claimed it to be.

Sue me, John Brown. Have your wife sue me. Sue me on behalf of Jessup Company, Scrubby Doo, Inc, Air Force One, Inc, PortaCan, or any other so called, business you might own now or have ever owned before. I DARE YOU! Let's see how well your two bit lawyer does in a court room. Maybe I'll countersue and get enough money for a lung transplant.

I'd continue but frankly I'm bored with John Brown, he's simply another pseudo-conservative nut case preaching faux conservative values like personal responsibilities while running out on his personal debts by filing bankruptcy while hoping to use a position in Greensboro city government as a means to increase his own personal wealth.

Update: 9:21 PM From Roch Smith jr who wrote the Yes Weekly article I cited above pointing to Mr Brown's supposed 9 professional licenses:

"Did any of the journalists who reported this actually see Mr Brown's  9 state professional licenses or did they all just assume him to be telling him the truth?"

No. I did not confirm. Probably should have, but I don't mind making clear that I was only going by what Brown told me."

Guess that about wraps it up.