Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Conversation With John Brown: Part 2

Prior to yesterday no bad words about Mr Brown had ever been published here at but when I started asking questions of Mr Brown he replied by having me contacted by his attorney, Paula A Wells as seen in her letter which I published in Part 1 of A Conversation With John Brown.

As Mr Brown's attorney,Paula A Wells  has hit me with a cease and desist order I cannot share with my readers the actual content of my e-mails to Mr Brown. But what I can do is reply to the statements made by Ms Wells in her e-mail to me.

In it Ms Wells writes:

"Jessup Company is fully and independently owned and operated by Suzanne Brown.  Jessup Company was purchased by the Browns in 2001 – Ms. Brown is not related to any prior owner of Jessup.   Mr. Brown surrendered his ownership in the company in 2009 as he does not have any major role in the company.  In fact, the business is WBE certified, which certification involves a strict process to prove that the business is indeed owned and controlled by a woman.  Mr. Brown never said that he was never “an” owner of Jessup.  He said that he is not the owner now."

Well Ms Wells statement may well be true but when she writes  "Mr. Brown surrendered his ownership in the company in 2009 as he does not have any major role in the company." Well that seems to conflict with documents from the NC Secretary of State which show Mr Brown's current Roll as President of Jessup Company.

Now who is lying, John Brown or the NC Secretary of State? How can the President of any company not have a major roll in the company?

And the fact that Mr Brown converted HIS company to a WBE Certified business sure as hell isn't going to play well with women and minority voters, is it?

Attorney, Paula A Wells also writes in her letter:

"There has never been a lawsuit for sexual harassment or hostile environment filed against Jessup Company."   

But Jennifer L Spargo did file an EEOC claim against John Brown and Jessup Company on Feb 20th 2009 for sexual harassment, So technically Ms Wells is correct, John Brown has not been sued but the complaint for sexual harassment is very real.

Are Mr Brown and Ms Wells willing to take me to court and endure a discovery process to prove me wrong?

And folks, that's not all the things Mr Brown doesn't want you to know but you'll have to wait for A Conversation With John Brown: Part 3 to read the rest.

All because I dared to ask him some questions.

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