Sunday, November 5, 2017

On those who will lose in 2017's City Council races

Most of those who aren't incumbents or City Board or Committee members entering the City of Greensboro's Council races this year most likely have relatively little no idea how rigged our local political system is.

If you don't have the backing of the Kotis, Carroll, Kaplan (Manning and the Greensboro Foundation) the Koury's or the Melvin political clans, the chances of beating a candidate with campaign cash and sponsorship mentioned here is probably pretty minimal.

If you don't have the backing of the News and Record owned by Warren Buffett or the Rhino Times, owned by Roy Carroll, your chances are slim.

Notice how each incumbent got a nice news article in the News and Record upon the 'announcements' to run for re-election?

Who is most likely to profit from the new taxpayer funded parking decks downtown?

Who got them the parking decks?

Who got 'Gate City Blvd' so nice around the Koury property and the Coliseum?

Who stands to profit the most from increased business at the Coliseum and swimmer aquarium?

If you think our leading papers are going to run stories of how these fine folks purchase our elected leaders, who will be mistaken.

Good luck and try to make the best of one of the most crooked City governmental systems in the Country.