Saturday, July 29, 2017


In discussing A Conversation With John Brown, Roch Smith jr of wrote the following to me:

"A man is driving down the street late at night, tired and thirsty. He sees a convenience store with a sign that says "Open 24 hours" so he pulls in, parks and walks to the door only to find it locked.

Seeing someone inside, he shouts through the door "The sign says you are open 24 hours."

The man shrugs and shouts back, "Not in a row."

John Brown says he has been a resident of Greensboro for 30 years and he did live in Randolph county for years. But he is old enough that, if he lived in Greensboro prior to moving to Randolph County and back, he may have accumulated 30 years of residency here. Just "not in a row."

That could well be true, we don't know. But John Brown, like so many who seek power here in Greensboro, stopped talking and threatened me with a law suit when I started asking the tough questions.

Nancy Vaughan stopped talking as well. So did Tony Wilkins, Mike Barber, Zack Matheny and others. And like John Brown they all attempted to threaten or discredit me in one way or another.

But none of them ever provided any documentation.

If you read the posts I write about incumbents and candidates alike you will see I include the documentation.

Now here's an interesting aside for you. The much more affluent community of Gibsonville, North Carolina is being given police body cameras by the City of Greensboro. Body cameras, you, Dear Greensboro Taxpayers, paid for.

That's right, that's where your $350 Million Dollar Bond package is going, to keep the taxes lower in the more affluent communities surrounding Greensboro rather than taking care of needs right here where we live. How many other outlying communities are getting favors at your expense? These are the people we vote into office, who hide behind technicalities like, I don't own the company, my wife owns the company, when in fact the company does business with the City of Greensboro.

Are we gaining anything by replacing one group of cronies with another group of cronies?

Technically, we are not.