Friday, August 4, 2017

Why Smart Contractors Steer Clear of The Political Fray: Updated

It was recently that Steve Wall of Tarheel Heating and Cooling posted the above to my Facebook wall. As 603 Elm Street could be North Elm or South Elm I had to do some searching to determine which address he was speaking of. The North Elm address is a church so I searched for the owner of the South Elm property and discovered it was none other that QUB Studios, a company owned by Eric Robert who sued Mayor Vaughan and the City of Greensboro not too long ago.

Seemed strange to me that the Mayor would be doing favors for Mr Robert after he sued her in what was a very public case that, among other things, exposed the fact that she billed over $8,000 in personal legal expenses to pay for her divorce from attorney Donald Vaughan, to the City of Greensboro.

The patio area Mr Wall is referencing was one of at least 2 complaints made by Milton Kern when Eric Robert was remodeling the building and as it turns out Mr Robert had something to say about one of those complaints back in 2016 when he penned, Milton Kern, why are you driving by my house real slow?

"That was until I received a call from the city's engineering and inspections department at 4:30  today, telling me that there was complaint filed regarding my ongoing renovations in downtown Greensboro...after a little righteous inquiry, i was told that Milton Kern, notified the city of my ongoing work and wanted to make sure that I had the proper permitting...after he was told that I did, in fact, have the proper permits, he decided that he wanted to review the plans my architect submitted.

Obviously, milton objected to an additonal emergency exit the city had me add as it opened onto the sidewalk ...the code requires an additional exit if the diagonal distance from the existing door is more than 75'...well, I had 72' but , safety first, so I spent more money and was only too happy to accomodate the city's penchant for safety.

But now, the city wants me to go to council to ask for a variance or spend more money and change the approved door in order to create yet another downtown recessed urinal...of course it is not enough that we already have to clean up weekly homeless defacation  on the property...or is it Milton's?"

Was Milton Kern behind Steve Wall's attempt to defame Eric Robert? And why do morons like Steve Wall think they can post anything they wish to my very public Facebook wall as if they were whispering between stalls in the john?

You see, people like Milton Kern have long used the Greensboro Buildings and Inspections Department to prey on lesser financed developers. The idea is to run up the cost of building until developers like Mr Robert are forced into bankruptcy. Then the Milton Kerns of Greensboro rush in and buy the buildings for pennies on the dollar.

Think I'm lying? Hold your breath until Uncle Milton sues me.

As it turns out, Steve Wall and Tarheel Heading and Cooling began the HVAC work on Mr Robert's building but never came back to fix the problems Eric had to hire another HVAC contractor to fix. So Eric simply ended the discussion and refused to pay Mr Wall any more money.

What really makes Hole In The Wall's claim hilarious is that Eric's project at 603 S Elm was ongoing during the time that Eric's lawsuit against Mayor Vaughan and the City of Greensboro was going on. Would the Mayor really pull strings to help a man who was suing her at the time? Seriously?

Is the Mayor somehow involved? Somehow I doubt it, Hole In The Wall just thought that would make me take the bait.

Some speculate that John Brown and Steve Wall are friends. If they were they are no more. John Brown's threats brought him more trouble than he ever imagined.

All I know is that Mr Robert has offered to produce any necessary documentation to prove he is telling the truth. Will Steve Wall of Tarheel Heating and Cooling do the same? Thus far he has yet to answer my questions on a topic Steve Wall posted to my Facebook wall.

I'm telling you, Folks, these clowns didn't become successful because of their hard work and intelligence. They got where they are by screwing and blowing.

Correction from Eric Robert:

Well that can't be good for business....

Saturday, August 5, 2017: Mr Wall expresses a desire to talk, off the record, of course. As far as I'm concerned telephone calls are always off the record as I'm a poor typist and whatever I write is his word against mine. You'll notice Mr Robert put it in writing, Mr Wall should have calls enough to do the same.

Steve digs a hole:

Steve jumps in hole: