Thursday, November 9, 2017

Roy's John Hammer is full of Siht on Tammi Thurm's election strategy
"District 5 has been seen as the most conservative City Council district. Wilkins was appointed to replace Trudy Wade when she was elected to the state Senate in 2012.

Tony Wilkins got money and praise of confidence
by 'R' crony capitalists like Rhino Times owner Roy Carroll,
propped up by an appointment by the other bought and paid for Council members
on Greensboro's then City Council, which the Rhino won't tell its readers
and the News and Record is too cowardly to report

"Wilkins then won election in 2013 and in 2015 ran unopposed...

It’s tough for a challenger to beat an incumbent, but what Thurm’s race proves is that if a candidate is willing to do the work, even in this world of Facebook and smartphones, old-fashioned face-to-face campaigning still works.

Thurm not only worked hard, she ran a smart campaign where she concentrated on the issues and what she had to offer as a councilmember."

John Hammer is full of shit

The Thurm Campaign paid off Nancy Vaughn for support, 
which has never been reported, paying some of her salary via donations
to her 'former' employer;
And "Chip, former US Senator Kay Hagan's husband and employer" Charles Hagan's help;
My understanding is Andrew Brod no longer works for or is a professor at UNCG;
And guess who?;
Which makes John Hammer and the News and Record amazing liars who have no problem misleading our community on anything they deem appropriate when it is in their best interests;

The usual suspects, who also very much like Nancy Hoffmann;

So let us dispense with the theme of underdog etc..., 
and rather focus on the folks behind the curtain, shall we?

Next up, the money which came in after the last election finance filing before hand...

What this means is Roy Carroll let Tammi Thurm get elected 
without letting John Hammer get some scrapes off of her backers

Which means it was bullshit.

Which may mean we elected something of the same sort, only different, 

than Tony Wilkins

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