Sunday, February 25, 2018

From a Roch Smith City of Greensboro records request on STPAC funding; The City doesn't really know how much of the private donations received are actually in hand, and Walker Sanders of The Community Foundation of Greensboro appears to have not released the information while making investment fees on an unknown amount of assets

The City didn't come up with anyone elected or on staff which even asked for information confirming the whereabouts of more than $40 million

"Manning and Walker Sanders, the president of the Community Foundation,
also announced that they had met their goal
of raising $38.5 million from private donors."

Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane
Financially Illiterate News and Record reporter

"Costs for the entire project will be covered by private donations,
hotel and motel tax revenues, ticket fees and parking revenues
— not taxpayer money, [Matt] Brown said.

The venue originally was projected to cost $65 million,
with $30 million coming from the city of Greensboro and $35 million from private donors."

Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane

“We haven’t compromised anything that the community wanted to have in this building,”

Walker Sanders
who personally profits from the assets while at the Community Foundation

City Council voted to provide taxpayer revenue to borrow for this project
without knowing what they should,
and/or willfully ignored data which would have led to a inconvenient facts
violating their fiduciary duties to our municipality

These folks had no problem pulling fictitious numbers out of their asses,
as the local news industry is going to back them up
without investigation or question

Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane is complicit,
as her salary is partially paid for by ArtsGreensboro
who pays the News and Record for propaganda

1. Constitutional Provisions

Before entering upon the duties of an office, 
a person elected or appointed to the office shall take and
subscribe the following oath:

"I, .............., do solemnly swear (or affirm) 
that I will support and maintain the Constitution and laws of the United States, 
and the Constitution and laws of North Carolina not inconsistent therewith, 
and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of my office as .............., 
so help me God."

N.C. Const. art. VI, § 7.

City Council unfaithfully discharged their duties on TPAC

...lawful oaths for discovery of truth and establishing right 
are necessary and highly conducive to the important end of good government; 
and being most solemn appeals to Almighty God, 
as the omniscient witness of truth and the just and omnipotent avenger of falsehood, 
and whereas, lawful affirmations for the discovery of truth and establishing right 
are necessary and highly conducive to the important end of good government, 
therefore, such oaths and affirmations ought to be taken and administered
with the utmost solemnity.

§ 11-1. Oaths and affirmations to be administered with solemnity

Discovery of truth on STPAC didn't happen,
and if it did, voting for the measures 
was a violation of the City of Greensboro oath of office
and an unfaithful act.

City Council voted for untruths peddled by STPAC supporters
including Greensboro's sold out press corps 
in violation of North Carolina state law.

Greensboro's taxpayers have been played for fools, 
courtesy of the News and Record, Roy Carroll, via the Rhino Times' John Hammer, 
Matt Brown, Rick Lusk, Jim Westmoreland, Tammi Thurm, Allen Johnson, 
Nancy Vaughan, Nancy Hoffmann, Justin Outling, Marikay Abuzuaiter, and Yvonne Johnson,
and the general population will remain uninformed with the help of the above persons.

This is Greensboro.

From December, 2017;

Greensboro will have more than $53 million in the TPAC before interest on the debt.  Note the above doesn't list the cost of the land.

We are going to borrow $43,450,000, which will cost $65,987,494.98, and no one at the City of Greensboro government level is able to produce any information as to where the private donations are, what the money is invested in, how much Walker Sanders and the Community Foundation are skimming off the top, how is the guarantee collateralized, and when the money is supposed to materialize