Saturday, December 17, 2016

The perversity of disinformation "Look for Tanger Center in 2019"

"Manning and Walker Sanders, the president of the Community Foundation, also announced that they had met their goal of raising $38.5 million from private donors."

Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane

Have they raised the money, or has the money been pledged?

Big difference, just like Say Yes Guilford's under $11 million instead of the $41 million pledged which the News and Record won't report

And again, the News and Record is misleading the public with incorrect information.
"Costs for the entire project will be covered by private donations, hotel and motel tax revenues, ticket fees and parking revenues — not taxpayer money, Brown said.

The venue originally was projected to cost $65 million, with $30 million coming from the city of Greensboro and $35 million from private donors."

Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane

Is the $30 million coming from the City of Greensboro not taxpayer money Dawn?

Who edited this?
"The site will hold 326 VIP parking spaces."

Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane

VIP parking which is supposed to pay for debt service, and if it doesn't, City of Greensboro taxpayers will be on the hook for even more.
“We haven’t compromised anything that the community wanted to have in this building,”

Walker Sanders
who personaly profits from the assets while at the Community Foundation

The community wants/needs good paying manufacturing jobs.

The elites wanted a performing arts center in the middle of their real estate empires, and they are going to get one that's hard to get to from the highway with more seats than DPAC, in a area with an average income $20,000 per year lower.

City Council voted to provide taxpayer revenue
to borrow for this project without knowing what they should, 
and/or willfully ignored data which would have led to a no vote
and violated their fiduciary duties to their constituents.

I hope I'm wrong and everthing works out exactly as hoped for, but I doubt it.

We keep losing jobs and the top end is building a monument to themselves with everyone else's money, and the News and Record can't even admit it.
The Great Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center Lie; Part 28; Building Materials

Control Fraud enabled by Greensboro's News and Record and the City of Greensboro

Dear STPAC and Say Yes Guilford and Say Yes to Education supporters who think all the unseen pledges have been delivered in cash;

How much have Durham taxpayers paid on top of the incorrectly reported debt not-included DPAC surplus, to bail out their version of the Carolina Theater, which is now going under from poor attendance?

What you won't be told by Greensboro's News and Record or the Triad Business Journal

7/15/14 Lorillard Flashback; Reynolds Lorillard; Greensboro loses another corporate headquarters, and most likely a bunch of jobs

This is yours Allen, Doug, Stephen, Joe, Jeff, Margaret etc...

David Hagan's return on his $1,000 Robbie Perkins' Contribution; 58,600%, or $586,000

News & Record Letter to the Editor; David Hagan’s commissions don’t serve taxpayers

On US Senator Kay Hagan's Brother in Law David Hagan, Making a Nice Slice off Greensboro's Taxpayers while Sitting on CFGG's Board

And the City's projections didn't count in 
how much Walker Sanders' Community Foundation would take 
from managing the 'endowment' of pledges or interest on the loan
the Foundation took out to cover the money which wasn't paid up front,
but over a series of years, 
just like Say Yes to Education's Say Yes Guilford

The City of Greensboro's GPAC operating loss pro forma that doesn't include debt service

Two reasons among many that a GPAC with 3,000 seats probably won't work as well as DPAC with 2,700 seats

How much have Durham taxpayers paid on top of the incorrectly reported debt not-included DPAC surplus, to bail out their version of the Carolina Theater, which is now going under from poor attendance?

Roch Smith, Jr.; "Kotis Showers Council With Campaign Cash" and tonight's real estate giveaway

City of Greensboro Tax Dollars at Work; "Mayor to form arts task force"; Vaughan has no sense of shame or fiscal/political responsibility

Greensboro and oranges; Don and Nancy Vaughan, STPAC, Joe Killian, Allen Johnson, Walker Sanders, Jeff Gauger, Susan Ladd etc...

City of Greensboro taxpayers are now directly guaranteeing $3,500,000 STPAC private donor contributions and some Say Yes to Education correlations with Mo Green and Mary Vigue

Tonight Greensboro's City Council appears ready to violate an oath of office, which will take place a few minutes before the STPAC vote based on a willful, premeditated fraud on the City's taxpayers

On STPAC etc... by the News and Record's Allen Johnson and Doug Clark, in the comments;

"The council should support this proposal, which it could vote on as soon as Tuesday’s meeting, because it rightly places the focus on arts center users, not all taxpayers."

Allen Johnson and Doug Clark

The STPAC supporters said the cost of building rose...