Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Great Steven Tanger Performing Arts Center Lie; Part 28; Building Materials

If the price index 
of Roofing Asphalts, Pitches, Coatings, and Cement 
was about 265 in September, 2013, 
and about 220 now, about 17% lower, 
and the price for the center went up about 15%,
some are very, very lying as to what actually happened,
and one of  them is Steven Tanger
with the help of Matt Brown, Nancy Vaughan, Walker Sanders
and Nancy Hoffmann

"Naming announcement event!

On September 9, 2013, we announced the name of the center
– the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts
– and Mr. Tanger challenged the community to raise $35 million."
Roy, Jim, Marty, Tanger, Nancy's and etc's High Colonic; "All the phantom wealth piled up in China's boost phase is now melting down and ...will trigger a meltdown in global phantom assets."

Who said STPAC construction cost went up and why?

City of Greensboro Tax Dollars at Work; "Mayor to form arts task force"; Vaughan has no sense of shame or fiscal/political responsibility

Greensboro and oranges; Don and Nancy Vaughan, STPAC, Joe Killian, Allen Johnson, Walker Sanders, Jeff Gauger, Susan Ladd etc...

City of Greensboro taxpayers are now directly guaranteeing $3,500,000 STPAC private donor contributions and some Say Yes to Education correlations with Mo Green and Mary Vigue

Tonight Greensboro's City Council appears ready to violate an oath of office, which will take place a few minutes before the STPAC vote based on a willful, premeditated fraud on the City's taxpayers

On STPAC etc... by the News and Record's Allen Johnson and Doug Clark, in the comments;

"The council should support this proposal, which it could vote on as soon as Tuesday’s meeting, because it rightly places the focus on arts center users, not all taxpayers."

Allen Johnson and Doug Clark,
employed by Jeff Gauger
Control Fraud enabled by Greensboro's News and Record and the City of Greensboro
It's just a flat out lie gentlemen.

You are lying to your readers.

Don't you have any sense of right and wrong?

Some kind of moral compass?

Something that prevents you from willfully misleading your readers?

Do you realize you are part of an effort to commit fraud upon the public?

"Your news is half illusion Allen, Doug, Jeff, Joe etc... 

You are paid to keep those in Greensboro who bother to read your rhetoric joined to the status quo of our oligarchs.

Some of the truth which makes it through your news machine is wrapped in layers of manipulation. 

The public is lied to by our local government, elected leaders and business class and you report it as truth.

That makes you of them.

Your newspaper is where the local yokels get informed, government officials flat out lie for a massively corrupt City Council elected with your endorsements.

The TV stations recycle opinions from the News and Record and Roy's Rhino.

Greensboro's population has been rendered slaves by your hands via garbage propaganda.

That's about $12,168,000 in give aways you didn't mention Allen and Doug.

It's called a lie of omission right after another rigged election.

Why no disclosure that Arts Greensboro pays the News and Record for puff pieces, and that the $120,000 per year is pie in the sky garbage projections?
"the Tanger Center for the Performing Arts faces a projected $10.2 million in cost overruns."

Allen Johnson and Doug Clark
"additional construction funding support of $3.5 million from private donors and $9.6 million from patrons"

Item 13
If the cost overruns are "$10.2 million", why do they need $3.5 million "and" $9.6 million = $13.1 million?

This is yours Allen, Doug, Stephen, Joe, Jeff, Margaret etc...

The STPAC supporters said the cost of building rose...