Thursday, December 24, 2015

City of Greensboro Tax Dollars at Work; "Mayor to form arts task force"; Vaughan has no sense of shame or fiscal/political responsibility

"Local nonprofit arts organizations create more than pretty pictures, plays and music.

“We certainly recognize the economic and social impact that the arts have on our community,” Mayor Nancy Vaughan said. “But I don’t believe we have a good handle on their long-term needs.”

Mayor Vaughan is Roy Carroll etc...'s pawn,
along with Zack Matheny and most of council
as declared by multiples 
of high ranking City of Greensboro employees
behind the backs of their crooked/fucked up/corrupt/crony leadership
who are sick of being abused with lies told to the public
by the News and Record and the Rhino Times 

To that end, Vaughan plans to create a task force to examine the financial needs and sustainability of local arts groups...

Vaughan proposed the idea to the City Council in early December, as the council approved a new funding plan for the planned Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts.

A STPAC funding plan
riddled with fictional/fraudulent facts
supported without question 
by the News and Record and the Rhino Times

The original budget for the public-private project was $65 million, but planners said it is $10.2 million over its projected budget. The city will take on an added $9.6 million in bond debt to help close the gap.

"$9.6 million in bond debt"
sold to the public by a crooked City Council
with misleading math and the help of City staff
who enabled a fraud upon Greensboro's taxpayers
for Walker Sanders, Roy Carroll, Dawn Chaney and friends
advocated for by Zack Matheny's taxpayer funded DGI board members

The revised agreement also allocates $120,000 a year in sponsorship revenue to help local arts groups that need emergency funding — not the $1 per ticket sold that was specified in the original agreement.

With little evidence 
STPAC will have "$120,000 a year in sponsorship revenue"

These folks have no problem 
pulling fictitious numbers out of their asses, 
as the local news industry is going to back them up
without investigation or question

...The city could budget about $75,000 for task-force staff and related consulting work for the year that begins July 1, she said.

...The report found that the finances of nonprofit arts groups had suffered during the economic downturn and that the state of downtown cultural organizations was fragile.

Some groups expressed worries that a new performing arts center would hurt their ticket sales and donations.
The nonprofit organization ArtsGreensboro raises money and awards grants to local organizations, teachers and artists. But that doesn’t cover all needs.

No mention of ArtsGreensboro payments 
to the News and Record for arts related propaganda like this.

Groups said they could benefit from an arts endowment, trust or other stream of revenue that would generate about $1.2 million a year...

It would take a $25 million endowment
making about 5% per year 
to generate 1,250,000

What about Say Yes Guilford 
and Say Yes to Education
and the $3.5 million more from STPAC donors?

A national study found that Guilford County’s nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $118 million in annual economic activity through spending by organizations and their audiences. That supports the equivalent of 4,269 full-time jobs and produces $11.3 million in government revenue.

Bull Fucking Shit

No name of the study

Garbage journalism by the News and Record
as usual,
citing bullshit studies created by those 
looking to skim off taxpayer monies
supported by the local paper of record

“We were creative when it came to funding the Tanger Center,” Vaughan said.

Creative as in fraudulent governmental activities
to fund the wants of wealthy campaign supporters
and Greensboro's 1%

Dawn DeCwikiel-Kane is complicit,
as her salary is partially paid for by ArtsGreensboro
who pays the News and Record for such awesome propaganda

Greensboro and oranges; Don and Nancy Vaughan, STPAC, Joe Killian, Allen Johnson, Walker Sanders, Jeff Gauger, Susan Ladd etc...

City of Greensboro taxpayers are now directly guaranteeing $3,500,000 STPAC private donor contributions and some Say Yes to Education correlations with Mo Green and Mary Vigue

Tonight Greensboro's City Council appears ready to violate an oath of office, which will take place a few minutes before the STPAC vote based on a willful, premeditated fraud on the City's taxpayers

On STPAC etc... by the News and Record's Allen Johnson and Doug Clark, in the comments;

The STPAC supporters said the cost of building rose...