Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Why Isn't Anyone Talking?

How do you know the Clintons aren't under investigation? Maryland is a Democratic state: https://wtop.com/maryland/2018/07/officials-russian-firm-used-in-maryland-election-systems/

What amazes me is why Conservatives aren't spreading the news about Maryland's possible voter rigging? Is it perhaps the close connections between Vladimir Potanin, Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump?

And why have the Clintons been so quiet of late?

If I were Vladimir Putin and wanted to control a US President then I would play both sides. I'd buy Uranium from Hillary. I'd tell Trump I was rigging the election even if I wasn't. Then both Clinton and Trump would be indebted to me, Traitors, both guilty of Treason, both afraid to cross me for fear that I might let the truth be known.

After all, it's not like Russians have to worry about appearing in US courts.

Where's Breitbart and their mimions on this? All they have done is post the Associated Press story: https://www.breitbart.com/news/russian-bots-trolls-test-waters-ahead-of-us-midterms/

And why isn't Trump using this to attack the Democrats? Hillary won Maryland, right? Could it be both Clinton and Trump just want this to quietly go away.

Then there's this:

"In the indictment, investigators also claim that Russian hackers accessed a state board of elections website, and stole the personal details of 500,000 voters."

Which leads to the question: How many other US States do the Russians own and why is no one from either political party talking about it?