Thursday, January 24, 2019

Corruption Spreads Throughout The Piedmont

I remember the days when Roch Smith jr of Greensboro101 and Greensboro attorney Sam Spagnola lead the effort to bring open and honest government to Greensboro, when certain City Council members tried to cut special deals directing tax dollars to their friends, and participated in efforts to slander and blackmail those persons who dared to stand in their way. When civil servants were falsely accused of racism.

Things are better in Greensboro these days. Not perfect, but better. But just across the county line in the small town of Ramseur, a new hero by the name of Jay Hubbard, a small business owner and advocate of open and honest government, is being slandered by certain members of the Ramseur Town Council while those same members attempt to violate contracts with other local small businesses, and cheat taxpayers out of their hard earned money.
Click on Smith Alleges Collusion Between Watchdog and Hosting Provider to read the whole story. Next thing you know Ramseur will be caught up in lawsuits over racism.