Sunday, February 17, 2019

Local Media Continue Their Cover-ups

Our local media outlets continue their long history of covering for criminals with connections to City Council. As reported by Roch Smith jr in Why does WGHP MyFox8 keep failing to identify owners of problematic apartments?
 "This is not the first time WGHP has failed to identify the Agapions as the apartment owners. In four stories following the lethal apartment fire, WGHP either failed to identify the apartment owners at all or incorrectly identified the owner as ARCO Realty. It is hard to imagine why WGHP persists in failing to accurately report who owns these problematic apartments, but it can no longer be presumed they are not doing so out of ignorance. To report Arco Realty as the owners of the property, as WGHP did, is not only demonstrably wrong, it conceals the people actually responsible for the building—the Agapions. Why would WGHP keep doing that?"

Yes, why? Why are rich people continually given free passes by the media? Why does this double standard exist? And do the rich pay the media for this privilege?