Tuesday, June 4, 2019

On Brod's Bridge Burning

A few days ago I posted Andrew Brod Burns His Last Bridge in which I highlighted these words from local economist and expert witness, Andrew Brod:

"In nearly 21 years of ups and downs, the Greensboro-High Point metropolitan statistical area experienced zero net job growth." 

This morning an astute reader sends me the following numbers:

"Guilford County: 2000 Census = 421,048
2010 census = 488,406 which is an increase of 67,358 - 16%
2018 estimate = 533,670, which is another 45,264.

So I guess the increase of over 100,000 during the past 18 years is offset by a decline of 100,000 in 1999, or since there is no change in jobs, a huge change in unemployed."

Now mind you that Brod was referencing the entire Greensboro-High Point Metro Area which includes several counties and my reader's numbers are for Guilford County alone.

What are we going to find if we run the numbers for every county in the metro area?

I smell fire.