Saturday, June 1, 2019

Andrew Brod Burns His Last Bridge

"In nearly 21 years of ups and downs, the Greensboro-High Point metropolitan statistical area experienced zero net job growth." -Andrew Brod, Triad Business Journal

Might I remind you that over the course of those 21 years, Andrew Brod has, almost without exception, supported every boneheaded spending package the City of Greensboro has disguised as economic development.

Andrew Brod spent years under the wing of Greensboro leaders like Jim Melvin, helping to move public opinion in whatever direction Mr Melvin and his associates wished to see it go, making $Billions for corrupt developers while Greensboro's working classes struggled to survive.

And now he finally owns up to the fact that everything were were told for all those years was a lie.

Thank you, Mr Brod, now perhaps you can finally become an asset to our community and the kind of father your young children can look up to.

You see, I'd like to think, and it is my hope, that becoming a father really does open one's eyes about how important it is to be see as someone who believes in honesty over ideology, no matter what that ideology might be. Your ideology, be it motivated by religion, spiritualism, politics, or money, is nothing without honesty.

At least it was for me.