Saturday, December 13, 2014

Crony Journalism Personified; Roy Carroll, John Hammer and Mike Barber

"...Roy Carroll, the publisher of this newspaper, mentioned it when he spoke at the Greensboro Merchants Association last week.

Roy Carroll owns John Hammer's soul.

What it is is reducing the number of members of the Greensboro City Council, and it’s what everyone is talking about behind the scenes.

If Roy cuts John's checks, 
Roy Carroll is "everyone" to John Hammer, 
the most Yellow of Greensboro's journalists?

Both the Guilford County Board of Commissioners and the Guilford County Board of Education have been reconfigured since the Republicans took control of the state legislature.

Roy Carroll, Marty Kotis, Jim Melvin and John Lomax
own enough North Carolina state legislators 
to rid Greensboro of Nancy Vaughan, Sharon Hightower
and Jamal Fox.

It seems to make sense for the City Council to be next.

It makes sense for Roy to tell John to say so.

The state legislature can decide the size and configuration of any city council in the state without consulting anyone.

That's the plan.

The wishes of the local government itself don’t matter.

To Roy, Marty, Koury and Melvin etc...

...Any changes will be made in Raleigh by the legislature.

The current plan is to reduce the members of the City Council from nine to seven, as well as increase the length of the terms from two years to four years, like the Guilford County commissioners...

Who's plan is that John?

...One plan being considered [by John's overseers] is to have all seven councilmembers elected from districts and then the mayor would be elected by the council, the same way that the chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners is elected, and the way the mayor of Greensboro was elected until the 1970s.

White people will rule
for Roy, Marty, Koury, Melvin, Lomax, Isner etc...

Increasing the terms to four years is being done with the intention that it will help attract more candidates actively involved in business.

Four years will cost Roy, Marty, Koury and Melvin
less than every two or three
to keep City Council overly white and compliant
with "stakeholder initiatives".

...One person who isn’t afraid to come out in favor of reducing the number of members of the City Council is City Councilmember Mike Barber.  When asked about reducing the number from nine to seven Barber said, “It’s consistent with the philosophy of smaller government.  From a personal standpoint it eliminates my position, but it will be good for the City of Greensboro and therefore I think it’s a good idea.”

...He said, “It’s completely logical to have the smallest group possible.”

Jim Barber is owned by Jim Melvin funding First Tee, 
and is obviously Roy's boy per John Hammer's early endorsements.

Where is First Tee's 2013 990 IRS tax form
that should have been filed months ago?

Barber said, “One of the greatest challenges for local government today is to have greater efficiency so that people who have children and jobs can still participate.  It’s becoming more and more difficult for the average working person to serve.”

Bullshit misleading statement.

Mike Barber is one of the best liars I have ever met.

Barber said that the City Council was “becoming a position for the rich and for those with an abundance of free time.”

Most of City Council, including Barber
who skimms taxpayer money via First Tee
is relatively broke, 
which is why most are so inexpensive 
to purchase with nice dinners 
and campaign cash.

He added, “Those with an abundance of free time often don’t have the same attitude about issues as those who are working and raising children.”

Mike Barber is known to have lied to George Hartzman
and others, and John Hammer and the News and Record 
wouldn't report it.

...Although the Greensboro City Council races are nonpartisan, whether they are nonpartisan or partisan, a Democratic majority is a given.  In the last 100 years there has been one Republican mayor and one two-year term where the Republicans had a majority.

Barber is now obviously Roy Carroll's Democrat boy for mayor.

Barber is also Jim Melvin's boy (See First Tee of the Triad),
who is stuck with relying on Melvin and the City for his income
by skimming about 25 cents on the dollar
from every penny "given" to First Tee.

...One longtime Greensboro businessman (Roy Carroll?) said that the council and all committees should be cut down to three members.  [Koury's Steve Shofety?] said with three members you can make decisions and move on.  When two people agree then the decision is made.  [Marty Kotis?] said cutting down to three would make the government much more efficient.

...The percentage of minority representation on the council should increase with a seven-member council.


Don't be surprised if Roy and Hammer run Skip Alston 
for city council.

...If there is an at-large seat under the new plan, [completely purchased] Councilmember Johnson has been winning the three-way at-large race for years and would have to be considered the favorite.

John Hammer never did bring up 
Yvonne's conflict of interest on the Civil Rights Museum
as Roy tried to buy East Greensboro votes for Robbie Perkins
in the last election.

With five districts, one at-large district and the mayor elected at large, if Johnson ran [and cutout unwanted Hightower or Fox] you could expect to have three black councilmembers out of seven..."
What we have here is a soft facsism in Greensboro, North Carolina.

John Hammer isn't now, or has been a decent journalist for years.

If this gets by without an uprising by those who should know better to object, 
Greensboro will deserve what it all ready has and then some.

Nancy Vaughan's days as mayor are likely numbered, 
as Barber is cleary being set up to take her place
which means Mike doesn't give a rat's ass about an at large post
because he's running for mayor, 
with the help of Hammer, Roy, Marty, Shofety, Lomax etc...

They want thier gravy train back like with Robbie Perkins.

Barber is the perfect stooge, as he is reliant of Melvin and friends
to make it happen.