Thursday, January 14, 2016

John Hammer goes to the Infrastructure Committee meeting, doesn't report Marty Kotis getting a City property for less than the appraised value = John Hammer isn't a journalist

"On the economic development side of things, the Infrastructure Committee on Tuesday heard a report on a proposed text amendment to the Greensboro zoning ordinance that would allow residential development in zoning districts already zoned for shopping centers...

Tuesday’s Infrastructure Committee also heard two reports from water resources and adjourned at 5:50 p.m., making it the longest committee meeting yet...

It's sad how sad this is

The Infrastructure Committee is the reverse – it has two black male councilmembers, Outling and Jamal Fox, and two white female councilmembers, Hoffmann and Abuzuaiter, but doesn’t have a single black female or white male...

Is Marty Kotis buying City of Greensboro property for less than the appraised value illegal?

No mention of Marty Kotis' campaign contributions
to those who voted for the sale for $900,000
on a property supposedly worth $1,035,000
which was supposed to be worth $3,054,100 in 2012

1-14-16 Comic

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