Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Roch Smith, Jr. deletes Kotis Pay to Play Story; "Kotis Showers Council With Campaign Cash" and tonight's real estate giveaway

Editor's Note: Abner Doon was incorrect in his post below, Roch did not delete his post. The original post by Roch Smith jr, Kotis showers council with campaign cash remains online. Click on the preceding link to read it. Our apologies to Roch and our readers for that mistake. Please disregard the following:

"...The News & Record... fails to report the campaign contributions made to the body that is about to consider the discounted sale and, two days before the vote, it runs a Sunday front page profile singing Kotis’ praises complete with accolades from elected officials with no mention of the large campaign contributions those officials have received from Kotis.

It fails to report the building’s tax value.

...Last year alone, Kotis has contributed to every city council member but Mike Barber.

Here are the campaign contributions made by Kotis to city council members in 2015 through October 22. These amounts do not include contributions that may have been made in the days before the November elections through the end of the year—reports for that period are due at the end of this month.

Markikay Abuzuaiter: $2,113.95

Jamal Fox: $2,227.71

Sharon Hightower: $250

Nancy Hoffman: $1,361.76

Yvonne Johnson: $500

Justin Outling: $500

Nancy Vaughan, Mayor: $1,000

Tony Wilkins: $1,457.51

...The News & Record is not trying to inform public opinion, it is trying to manipulate it..."