Monday, May 22, 2017

How the Rhino Times' John Hammer reports news about Roy Carroll's businesses, one of which own the Rhino Times

"The rezoning request for a new Bee Safe Storage facility on Martinsville Road just south of the Lawndale intersection was approved by a unanimous vote of the Zoning Commission on Monday.  But it was an unusual hearing in that one and a half people spoke against it.  One neighbor listed the usual complaints for a rezoning request, traffic, noise, crime, etc., and then a woman went to the podium to speak against it.  After a few minutes the city staff realized she was speaking against a different rezoning request.  When the error was pointed out to her, she said she was against this rezoning also, but went back to her seat to save her speech for a rezoning request for land at the intersection of Pisgah Church Road and Lawndale a block away.

Notice any disclosure of what's being reported?

It's unusual to have two unrelated rezoning requests so close together, but it is far more unusual to have someone come to the podium to speak against the wrong rezoning request."

Let's not forget what the Rhino Times really is under the hood