Saturday, July 22, 2017

Goldie Wells signs on to be just like Justin Outling and Tony Wilkins; Appointed before an election

"Councilwoman Goldie Wells announces candidacy for Greensboro City Council

Goldie Wells, who was appointed this week to fill the vacant District 2 seat on the City Council, filed today to keep it.

Just like Tony Wilkins and Justin Outling did, 
with the blessings of Greensboro's Oligarchs
 who are going to fund her campaign, just like before

...On Tuesday, the council voted unanimously to appoint her to fill the term of Jamal Fox...

Other candidates for the seat are: Felicia Angus, C.J. Brinson, Jim Kee and Tim Vincent.

Angus, Brinson, Kee and Vincent just got shafted by Greensboro's City Council, 
all owned by campaign contributors who receive taxpayer benefits 
in exchange for keeping our crooked elected leaders in power,
which is why they would vote for their patrons wishes, to keep the gravy train going 

The primary election will be Oct. 10. Election Day is Nov. 7.

Filing ended at noon today. The candidates are running for four-year terms this year.

Remember who voted to appoint a third City Council member
and  allowed said appointed leader to run for office

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I very enjoyed our interview in 2009 with with Skip Alston, Earl Jones, Alma Adams, Goldie Wells and Steve Bowden

Yvonne Johnson, Skip Alston and Robbie's self dealing vote for Skip's $150,000; Simkins PAC and money for family members

Concerned Citizens of Northeast Greensboro; Ralph Johnson / Jim Kee / Robbie Perkins / Skip Alston / Simkins PAC

On George Hartzman's Simpkins PAC interview and the White Street Landfill with Skip Alston, Earl Jones, Alma Adams, Goldie Wells and Steve Bowden

Yes Weekly: The Business of Elections in Greensboro

If The Rhinoceros Times received $26,030 in political advertising in 2007, how much could they not make if "Pay to Play" Ethics Rules are passed?

Why wasn’t the “Two Thirds Bond” proposal recorded in the Minutes of the City Council meeting or briefing on July 28, 2009?