Thursday, October 12, 2017

Today's City of Greensboro is the result of a transformation into an oligarchy"

"Our local elected leaders cannot face their complicity in the destruction of our economy and democratic institutions.

Politicians like the Vaughans, Johnsons and Barber are creations of our elite crony capitalists who fund their campaigns in exchange for parking decks, water, sewer and public streets. That is why they are so virulent about pushing back against anyone trying to shine a light on the actual game.

Without Roy Carroll, Marty Kotis, Melvin, Kaplan and Koury money, these sell outs would not hold political power .

It’s about perpetual mobilization of a few voters in an off year and a hyperventilating public relations arm, all paid for by corporate donors. The people have no real say in the leadership or the policies of the City, as anyone who goes up against the machine found out. They are props in the sterile political theater.

The rise of the internet, the loss of classified ads, which accounted for about 40 percent of all newspaper revenue, crippled the News and Record as it has crippled all Greensboro's newspapers.

Newsprint has lost the monopoly that once connected sellers with buyers. Newspapers are trapped in an old system of information they call “objectivity” and “balance,” formula designed to cater to the powerful and the wealthy and obscure the truth.

These party elites, consumed by greed, myopia and a deep cynicism, have a death grip on the political process. They’re not going to let it go, even if it all implodes.