Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Cone Health is a Racket;

“There’s no turning back,” Folwell said of his plan. “People are no longer going to accept not knowing what they spend 20 percent of their income on.”

A plan by State Treasurer Dale Folwell to reform the nearly insolvent State Health Plan faces legislative pushback, prodded by hospitals and large medical providers. Folwell has no plan to abandon the reforms, which actuaries say would prevent the plan from going broke within four years.

...The State Health Plan’s actuary says Folwell’s changes would avoid $486 million in extra health plan costs through fiscal year 2021-22, and an extra $1.1 billion in unfunded liabilities. The General Assembly’s actuary puts the additional claims costs at $534 million, and pegs new unfunded liabilities at $1 billion.

...Primary sponsors of H.B. 184 received notable political contributions from the N.C. Healthcare Association in 2018: Reps. Josh Dobson, R-McDowell, $5,200; Julia Howard, R-Davie, $2,000; William Brisson, D-Bladen, $3,000; and Gale Adcock, D-Wake, $6,200."