Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Landlords who borrowed big to expand have to pay the monthly debt payment, or the banks come in a take the properties. Tenants are near insolvent.

The system doesn't provide these conditions.  It was designed for a tiny political and banking elite to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else.  Transparency is anathema to cartels, which is why the actual cost of healthcare is obscured by providers desperate to avoid competition.

This place needs a major revolution.

It’s precipitated by one basic principle: money.

All people really want is to be in a place where they can improve their lives.  Where their children can have a brighter future than they did.

This revolution will be borne from economic frustration.

Each time the economy tanks, all they really did was change the players, not the game. They just ended up with a different set of criminals in charge.

A handful of people at the top made a boatload of money thanks to quantitative easing, some upper-middle class did fairly well, but the average guy pays higher prices for food, fuel, education, medical care, etc...

A tiny elite showered itself with free money and political favors at the expense of everyone else without consequence and they are doing it again.

We continue down the path of more debt, more money printing, more regulations, and less freedom.

How long can this really go on without backlash?