Friday, October 19, 2012

Hundreds Of Thousands Spent For Robme's Folly

In yesterday's News & Record we read, Design team makes presentation on proposed Greensboro performing arts center but when I asked, "Show us the money!" commenter record2009 replied,

"They can't show you the money because it has already been spent on other pipe dreams. Private investors will not show you the money because they want to keep their money in their pockets. A GPAC would be a constant drain on their riches and that is why they want a public- (the majority of the investment) private (a little bit of the investment) to fund "Robbie's Folly". They say that they have 15 million plus from the private sector. The reason that they don't have any more is because there are some in the private sector who have not lost their ability to think for themselves and they realize that this is not the time to spend money. The GPAC committee should publish the names of the private investors and their proposed contribution to this program. Since they are espousing a public-private approach, the citizens of Greensboro deserve to know who the proposed private contributors are. Who is to say that the private 15 million plus dollars will be there when it comes time to put the money on the table? The use of certificates and taxes to pay for such a facility by the "mayor" and other council members should not be considered an option."

You mean like trips to Bermuda and lining the pockets of downtown developers? Or building empty industrial parks 10 miles outside the City Limits on the county lines? Is that why Walker Sanders claims the $200,000 given to the Community Foundation by the City of Greensboro is private money? Is that why his wife, Dabney Sanders refuses to provide the Action Greensboro minutes where it was decided to give John Lomax the contract for a portion of the Greenway construction? And what about the other $250,000 in contracts given to Lomax by Action Greensboro or the multiple management fees charged by Action Greensboro and DGI for managing the same money? What? You thought DGI was alone in that?

By the way, I was told by a current Greensboro City Council person that it should be no problem for Dabney Sanders to come up with said meeting minutes. Which leads me to speculate if 3 weeks has been long enough for Dabney to manufacture the minutes?

So far, the Greensboro City Council has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for Robme's Folly and nobody, not even Walker and Dabmey Saunders, not even Mayor Robme Perkins is willing or able to tell us where the money is.

If that doesn't have red flag written all over it I don't know how stupid one has to be not to see through this game they're playing with your tax dollars. Click here to e-mail City Council and say No to GPAC or call the Mayor's office at 373-2396 and tell them we don't want Robme's Folly!