Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who Owns The New DGI Building?

Update: Bird says DGI claimed $60,000 Occupancy Expense in 2004. Line 36 on Page 2 of their Federal Tax Return seems to confirm Bird's song. Are rents really that high in Downtown Greensboro?

Begin original post:

There's a discussion going on over in the comments at EdCone.com about possible... how shall I put it... dirty dealings on the part of Councilwoman Nancy Hoffman and her failure to recuse herself on a recent vote concerning Downtown Greensboro Incorporated. Here's a link to the deed to the property in question.

Yes, the little bird is back and no it isn't George Hartzman.

Notice the owner is Enfiled LLC of 57 Folkestone Drive here in Greensboro and the address of the property in question is 302-304 S. Elm St also here in Greensboro. That, by the way, is the new home for DGI for which City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffman twice voted to fund in recent Council meetings.

And just who happens to live at 57 Folkestone Drive? According to the Greensboro News & Record, none other than, Nancy Hoffman, fine upstanding businesswoman and member of the GReensboro City Council who failed to recuse herself not once but twice in recent Council votes that gave funds to DGI that in-turn would be paid to Nancy Hoffman in the form of rent and repairs to her building.

Update: Wow! A bear comes by to tell show me that Nancy Hoffman's lawyer, Desmond G Sheridan formed Nancy Hoffman's company Enfield LLC on June 1st before buying the property in July as if the company was formed to hide Ms Hoffman's involvement. Could that be true? Are lawyers supposed to do that sort of thing? Enfield LLC Articles of Incorporation Isn't this the same law firm that Robbie Perkins uses?

And to think, I was just wondering who might be next and in flies Bird.

Now about that Nancy Hoffman-Dawn Cheney Scandal?

Like I said, I don't blog the news, I make the news.

Update: Okay, sometimes I'm as dumb as a mud fense. Can anyone tell me what the Bank of North Carolina Investor Relations has to do with all this?

I'm told the purchase price was $275,000... anyway, here's the warranty deed.

And finally, as a proven downtown property owner, does this mean Nancy Hoffman will now have to recuse herself from all future votes concerning the proposed Greensboro Performing Arts Center?

I think it does.