Monday, November 17, 2014

Robbie Perkins Covers For Rocco Scarfone

Yesterday I made mention of the fact that former Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins and Rocco Scarfone are partners in the Greensboro House of Blues. (Rocco Scarfone Locks Police Out Of Buckhead Saloon) Need more evidence? How about this screen grab from Robbie's Facebook Page:

This isn't how a mayor and seasoned politician behaves unless he's in someone's pocket and is forced to do so.

You see, the strange thing is if you start digging into the police records and searching the Internet you'll find there was a recent shooting outside the Lotus Lounge and a man who claims to have been stabbed inside the lounge but none of the accounts of the stabbing mention any witnesses, no proof that he was ever in the Lotus Lounge.

But we do have a long list of crimes committed at establishments owned by Rocco (Rocky) Carmine Scarfone, some of them by Mr Scarfone and his staff of Jersey boys:

The shooting death of 29 year old Kenon Wall at the Magic Gentleman's Club, 2216 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

Four people were shot at that same address last March.

In June a man was robbed an pistol whipped there.

Last year a man was robbed and his SUV stolen.

This is the same property Rocky once called LAX Gentleman's Club where his Jersey boys bleached the parking lot to remove the blood stains, refused to call the shooting victim and ambulance and altered video evidence of the shooting at Rocco Scarfone's request.

Then there was a customer who was beat to death inside Rocco's Buckhead Saloon as confirmed to me by then Greensboro Police Chief Ken Miller.

And yesterday I told you of a man who had his eyeball knocked out by one of Rocky's Jersey boys. These aren't bouncers, these guys are thugs. Murderers, monsters. Do you want your young adult children and grandchildren going to clubs that are run like this? This is what Robbie Perkins is trying to do when he demands his competition be shut down over 1 real incident and one incident that might have happened.

Remember the N Club. That was Scarfone's as well. At least 5 people, perhaps more were shot there but let 1 shooting happen at the Lotus and Robbie rides to Rocky's rescue. Rocky has clubs, bars and restaurants all over Greensboro and people die in all of them. Still eating at Ham's are you? Not me, not since Scarfone bought it. Go to Hell, Robbie Perkins!

Then there was the 2013 arrest of  11 of Rocco's employees at his Hickory, North Carolina club called Thee Playhouse on sex, drug and alcohol charges after a 5 month investigation by the North Carolina Department of Alcohol Law Enforcement. Are these the kinds of clubs we want to have in Greensboro? Because these are the kinds of establishments Rocky Scarfone runs.

And that's not all folks, that's not all. For you see, history has proven that for as long as we live in a city where our leaders and men of wealth and influence remain at the beck and call of known gangsters we will never be able to adequately deal with crime on our streets.