Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Greensboro's Scarfone Family In The News Again

Recently I posted an Open Letter To Wilbur L Ross, one of the richest men in America and owner of Greensboro's Cone Mills concerning Cone's affiliations with local gangster Rocco "Rocky" Carmine Scarfone who has infiltrated local politics and is quite cozy with Mayor Vaughan and Councilman Zack Matheny who have both worked in their official capacities to promote Scarfone's Cone Denim Entertainment Center in Downtown Greensboro as well as many money laundering and drug peddling businesses owned by Scarfone.

The folks at Cone Mills and International Textile Group will now regret trying to ignore me.

Well as luck would have it for Rocky whose clubs have been the scene of more deaths than all other Greensboro clubs combined, City Council is scheduled to vote on new downtown safety ordinances tonight and wouldn't you know it, Rocky's brother-in-law, Frank Fiore has been busted by Federal Agents and charged with conspiracy to posses a controlled substance with intent to sell:

" In April, agents said, Fiore asked one of the agents whether he could "take care" of someone with the AK-47 he had purchased from Jones. When the agent asked him to clarify whether he wanted the person dead or alive, Fiore told him he would have to check with his wife. According to the complaint, Fiore told the agent he would point out who the person was at the Havana Nights' opening party in July."

And who is Fiore's wife? None other than Rocky Scarfone's sister.

For those who were customers of Plum Krazys in Guilford College, Frank and Rocky's sister were the ones who Rocky left to run the place.

So how long are Greensboro's leaders going to remain in bed with the Mob? City streets can never be safe as long as city leaders kowtow to criminals.

As always, share this around the world so everyone will know what kind of people really run Greensboro, North Carolina.