Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rocco "Rocky" Carmine Scarfone's Businesses

I told you of the rapes in the Buckhead Saloon, the extensive criminal record Mr Scarfone has acquired, his failed attempts to sue me to keep me quiet, his history of beating women and his close ties to former Mayor Robbie Perkins, current Mayor Nancy Vaughan and Councilman Zack Matheny. It's time to do something about Rocky Scarfone.

To fight a foe like Rocky you must quit doing business with him, quit giving him money to finance his illegal endeavors.

Rocky has at one time or another owned, been a partner in, has interest in or done business as companies bearing the following names. Some came from a list shared with me by police officers wishing to remain anonymous. Others from web searches, some from the office of the North Carolina Secretary of State and some from other anonymous sources. Any money spent with any of these business is money given to organized crime. Avoid them at all cost:

American Staffing Resources

Battleground Motor Cars, Inc.

Buckhead Saloon


Carolina Theatre. Scarfone earns commissions on the bookings there through his booking contracts.

Charlotte Entertainment Group, Llc

Charlotte Uptown Enterprizes, Llc

 Childress Vineyards  That's right, the same Childress Vineyards that involves Richard Childress, former car owner for NASCAR racing legend Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Club LAX

Compensation Management

Cone Denim Entertainment Center

 Diversified World Enterprises, Inc

Elevated Entertainment

Elm St. Entertainment, Inc

Fresh Del Monte Produce

Goomba's, Inc

Greensboro Coach, Inc

Greensboro Coliseum Complex Like the Carolina Theatre, Scarfone gets commissions through booking contracts there.

Fratelli Of NC, Llc


House of Blues

Ham's Restaurants

Hollywood Nites Boutique Video

International House of Pancakes

Live Nation Entertainment That explains why House of Blues never heeded my warnings about their involvement with Rocco Scarfone-- House of Blues and Live Nation are Mafia too.

Magic Gentlemen's Club

Mega Entertainment Group, Llc

Midrock Properties, Inc.


NC Restaurant Group, Inc

Pandora's Boxxx

Piedmont Restaurant Associates, Inc

Prime Time Holdings, Llc

R & A Entertainment, Llc

RCR Marketing, Llc

Red Room

Rocco C Scarfone

ROCJO Investments, Llc

RRAJ Franchising, Llc

Sushi Rox, Llc

The Dollhouse

Thee Playhouse

Trans-Global Development, Llc

Trinity Entertainment, Llc

Trinity Operations

Underground on Battleground II, LLC

Underground on Battleground, Inc

VRM Development, Llc

Zen Sushi

If your company bears the same name as one of Rocky's companies then by all means send an e-mail to so that we may work out a means for readers to differentiate between your business and Rocky's money laundering businesses.

And please contact International Textile Group, the parent company of Cone Mills and tell them you no longer want to see a historic Greensboro icon such as Cone Mills attached to Rocky Scarfone's Cone Denim Entertainment Center. Tell them to take back their money and their name and to speak publicly about how Greensboro Councilman Zack Matheny arranged the deal.

Updates, additions and corrections will be made to this list as necessary.

And please, forward this post to everyone you know.

Thanks -Billy