Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An Open Letter To Wilbur L Ross Jr

For those of you who might not know, Wilbur L Ross Jr is according to Wikipedia:

"Wilbur L. Ross, Jr. (November 28, 1937)[2] is an American investor known for restructuring failed companies in industries such as steel, coal, telecommunications, foreign investment and textiles. He specializes in leveraged buyouts and distressed businesses. As of August 2014, Forbes magazine lists Ross as one of the world's billionaires with a net worth of $2.9 billion.[1] According to a recent New York Times article,[3] he has been bottom-fishing in mortgages and mortgage companies. He apparently commands far greater sums than his net worth would suggest."

 Now what concerns folks here in Greensboro, North Carolina the most about the distinguished Mr Ross is the following also from Wikipedia:

"Ross combined Burlington Industries and Cone Mills in 2004 to form International Textile Group. ITG operates five businesses, all of which operate under separate brand names: Cone Denim, Burlington Apparel Fabrics, Home Furnishings, Carlisle Finishing and Nano-Tex. The company entered into a five-year, $150 million credit facility led by Bank of America. Other lenders in the bank group included GE Capital and CIT Group. Corporate offices are located in Greensboro in the previous Cone Mills headquarters building and in an adjacent office complex.[9]"

As residents of Greensboro are aware, both Cone Mills and Burlington Industries were founded in Greensboro and were instrumental in the building of our once great city and its once glorious history. Even to this day Cone Mills maintains their corporate headquarters in Greensboro and keeps open the doors of their White Oak plant due in part to over $2 Million Dollars in City subsidies paid to Cone in the form of bio-gas from the White Street Landfill. Gas the City could be selling if not for the fact that we're giving it to Mr Ross.

I worked in the Cone Mills Proximity Print-works plant in my youth. And while Cone Mills isn't what it once was the company still remains important to Greensboro and especially to Northeast Greensboro where my family resides.

I now begin my letter to Mr Ross as e-mailed to him:

"Dear Mr Ross,
A nightmare is happening in Greensboro, North Carolina and sadly one of your companies is involved. I'm sure you weren't aware as you've many companies and no doubt thousands of employees who should have researched this issue but didn't. And it isn't just your company. In January of this year I sent the following e-mail to the world wide headquarters of the House of Blues:

 "Something you might want to pass along before it hits the main stream media:

-Billy Jones"

I thought it really important they know they were doing business with a known criminal with an extensive criminal record of drugs, prostitution, violence, murder, fraud and battering women. The House of Blues never replied to my e-mail but apparently they talked with Mr Scarfone because in early February Mr Scarfone's lawyer mailed me papers threatening me with a lawsuit if I didn't write retractions to what I had written about Mr Scarfone. Of course, me being me and knowing I'm telling the truth, instead of writing a retraction I wrote 13 chapters exposing even more about Rocky Scarfone:

I would have warned you too but didn't know until the club opened that you were involved.

You see, I don't like being pushed by thugs, I don't like seeing others get pushed by thugs and I'm betting you're not one to take being pushed around either. Now if I thought for even a second that you knew what you were getting into when your company bought the naming rights of Mr Scarfone's newest club I'd be pushing you with everything I've got but the team here at all agrees there is no way you would do business with known gangsters if you knew so therefore it's not your fault your money and the Cone Mills Entertainment Center is supporting organized crime here in Greensboro, North Carolina.

I encourage you, your staff and your lawyers to read the following links:

I realize you're a busy man with a lot of deals to tend to and with the holidaze coming up your staff will probably all want to do pretty much nothing at all but for the sake of our dying city-- the second hungriest city in America with a poverty rate of over 21%, foreclosure rate of over 12%, the highest unemployment in North Carolina and ever rising homelessness-- and for the sake of your good name, could you please push some folks into doing something about Rocco "Rocky" Carmine Scarfone before Greensboro loses all hope?

Just askin'
-Billy Jones"

 That, my friends, is the letter I'm sending Mr Ross. I hope all of you will share this post with everyone you know in the hopes the gangster Rocky Scarfone can be forever driven from our home and out of Greensboro government.