Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rocco "Rocky" Carmine Scarfone's Biggest Secret

We recently learned that Greensboro's favorite criminal mastermind
is currently working to have one charge expunged from his extensive criminal record so one of the members of the EzGreensboro.com team carried that list down to the Guilford County Courthouse to find out what bad thing our boy Rocky has done that he doesn't want the world to know about.
After all, in my series, I'm Being Sued By Rocco Scarfone I pointed out his history of extortion, slave trading, murders, disappearances, fraud, cocaine trafficking, evidence tampering, prostitution and so much more, so what could Rocky have done that he doesn't want anyone else to know he's ever done?

How about his charge for assault and battery on a female?

That's right, in just a few more days Rocky could have hidden this from the entire world but not now. All that money he paid his lawyer wasted.

Of course that wasn't the first or last time Rocky beat a woman up. Usually Rocky simply makes all the witnesses disappear.

So now how do you feel about those pictures of Mayor Nancy Vaughan posing with Rocky to promote his newest club in downtown Greensboro, the House of Blues, Cone Denim Entertainment Center associating his name with the Cone Family?  Ed Cone, how do you feel about having your family name dragged through the mud by Greensboro's leaders?

I know how pissed I'd be if my family name were tarnished in that way. If they did it to my family there'd be no Rocky Scarfone left to write about. (Seriously, I've got enough relatives in this town to make the Cone family look tiny by comparison, someone would get the job done.)

And how do you feel about our boy Rocco being involved in Greensboro City Councilman Zack Matheny's 2014 bid for Howard Coble's US Congress seat? It was Zack, after all, who arranged the deal to get Cone Mills to sponsor Rocco's club. Zack and Ed Cone are neighbors by the way. Keep your head down if you live in New Irving Park as the feuding could start at any time.

Ask yourself how you feel about former Mayor Robbie Perkins' attempts to close down Rocky's competition when more people have died in Rocky's clubs than every other club in Greensboro combined? And why is it the media never reports those facts?

Then ask yourself how you feel about Rocky getting $40,000 in incentive grants by way of Downtown Greensboro Incorporated. Grants that originated from the City of Greensboro and Mayor Vaughan knew about.

Then ask yourselves: if men like Rocco Scarfone are encouraged to do business in Greensboro, coddled by our elected representatives, even given money from the public trust, how safe are women in Greensboro and what kind of example are we setting for our youth-- especially our young men-- to follow? And will our young women be victimized by young men trying to follow in the footsteps of this man our local leaders and local media has spent years praising?

I would think that by now Greensboro residents should be furious enough to demand our Mayor and City Council resign effective immediately. After all, they are the ones who paved his way to riches.

As always, no matter if you are liberal or conservative please help fight our common enemy by sharing this post with everyone you know no matter where they may live so that we may break the Greensboro propaganda machine and expose our corrupt leadership to the world. Only when enough eyes can see the truth will change finally come our way.

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