Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rocky Scarfone's Partners: Jeffrey L Furr and Cone Mills COO Kenneth T Kunberger

In telling Greensboro all about the gangster Rocky Scarfone and his family I thought you also need to know about the people Rocky partners with. According to the City of Greensboro .pdf files,

Rocky's partner in the Cone Denim Entertainment Center is none other than scum bag attorney Jeffrey L Furr. According to

"A lawyer-lobbyist who became intimately involved in many of the tobacco industry's more obnoxious activities. He has been employed by two of the major corporate law-firms servicing the tobacco industry — King & Spalding, and Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice. He now works primarily in Winston-Salem, (home of RJ Reynolds Tobacco) and for WCS&G at Charlotte, North Carolina."

It only gets worse the farther down the page you read. 

I thought this paragraph from the linked .pdf was interesting too:

That's right folks, Councilman Mike Barber, along with Councilman Matheny, Mayor Vaughan and Jeffery L Furr, is in on the Rocky Scarfone, Cone Denim Entertainment Center, House of Blues deal as well. Why didn't the other 6 members of City Council endorse the project? Could it be because they weren't included in the deal. Be sure to scroll down to The Buzz Around Greensboro part of the page as well. Remember that when Mr Barber runs for Mayor next year. And just so you know, Mr Furr is named a managing partner and should be considered as such when it comes to Rocky's criminal activities of which Mt Furr, an attorney at law, should have had no trouble digging up.

After all, I'm a layman and I had no trouble finding Mr Scarfone's extensive criminal record-- the record Mr Scarfone threatened me to keep quiet.

Is Kenneth T Kunberger, CEO of International Textile Group, also a partner in the Scarfone Cone Denim Entertainment Center? That would certainly explain the corporate naming rights that provide no advantage to Cone Mills, the world's largest producer of denim and produces nothing that is sold to retail end users. You see, had VF Corporation had bought the naming rights and named the club say the Wrangler Jeans Entertainment Center the decision would have made perfect sense but for myself and others we can see no reason why Wilbur L Ross would see the need to put the name of one of his companies on a club run by a known gangster. Is Kenneth T Kunberger spending Wilbur Ross' money to finance his own business ventures? That would certainly explain the corporate naming rights.

Kenneth's wife Nancy also donated $250 to Zack Matheny's failed 2014 bid to replace Howard Coble.

Now take all that into account when you consider the new security rules for entertainment venues and the following statement by Councilman Zack Matheny:

“In the past, I tried too much too fast,” 

Too fast for everyone but Zack, Rocky, Barber, Kunberger and Vaughan perhaps when in-fact the solution all along was to push out Scarfone and the organized crime he and his family poisons our city with.