Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Yvonne Johnson Strikes Out

The News & Record is reporting today that City Council has delayed enforcement of their new club security rules with former Mayor Yvonne Johnson stepping up to bat:

"Council members heard from nightclub owners who were concerned about the ordinance, which will require some businesses to hire armed guards.

The city also ran into problems rolling out the new rules, which were due to go into effect Tuesday.
Council members said they wanted time to revise the ordinance. They voted 8-1 to put a 30-day moratorium on the ordinance at the request of Councilwoman Yvonne Johnson.

“I think there are some really big issues that were brought up that were unintended consequences, and we do have to address them,” Mayor Nancy Vaughan said.

Vaughan asked Councilman Zack Matheny, the one council member who objected to the moratorium, to lead a committee to revise the ordinance in January. The new rules would require clubs with a capacity of more than 100 patrons to hire off-duty police officers or state-certified guards."

Believe me when I tell you, this crap was all worked out in advance including the use of Yvonne Johnson as their batter. You see, right now Mayor Vaughan and Councilman Matheny don't want you to remember how close they are to Rocky Scarfone, gangster and the biggest Greensboro nightclub owner of them all.

By the way, Council exempted Scarfone's Buckhead Saloon from the new ordinance despite the fact that 17 rapes, various assaults, 24 pages of 911 calls and the beating death of a patron by club bouncers have all taken place there.

You see, in 2012, Greensboro Police Attorney Jim Clark was quoted as saying:

It’s not about going after particular clubs or particular people,” Clark said, adding that some owners had a positive working relationship with the city. “These are areas were we’ve experienced consistently criminal activity. A lot of club security seems to take the approach that if something happens inside the club, push it out the door and it becomes somebody else’s problem.”

But reality is they are going after particular clubs and particular people-- any club and any person that isn't associated with Rocco "Rocky" Carmine Scarfone.

Greensboro City Council can still use Chapter 19 to close down a nuisance venue but as we see in the case of Rocky Scarfone's Buckhead Saloon with its 17 rapes, various assaults, 24 pages of 911 calls and the beating death of a patron by club bouncers, Council has chosen to allow Rocky to remain open for business. If that isn't a nuisance venue then what is? City Council has chosen to keep Rocky Scarfone in business by putting others out of business. If that's not organized crime then what is it?

The linked News & Record article states:

"City Attorney Tom Carruthers said GTCC won’t have a security training class until January. He also said his office needs more time to communicate with the clubs that will fall under the new rules."

I've been told repeatedly there is only one company in North Carolina whose private security guards meet the standards set by the City Council. To verify I e-mailed the NC Department of Public Safety. Their form generated an automatic reply that included my e-mail:

 "Do you have a list
of contractors who
currently have
certification from
the N.C. Private
Protective Services

Can you send it to

Consider this a
public information
request if you must.
If such information
is online, please
direct me to it.


I have yet to get an answer to my question.

But former Mayor Robbie Perkins made it pretty clear on his Facebook page not long back when he demanded the closing of a club where no violence has ever taken place simply because the criminals had been at that club before they committed violent acts.

The proof is in the links, Folks. Every word I'm writing is proven by clicking through the highlighted words.

And now for what I've yet to prove but have on the most reliable of sources.

On Sunday I reported that Rocky Scarfone is under investigation.  I e-mailed Greensboro Police Chief Anita Holder to verify:

"I'm hearing that Rocky Scarfone is under investigation and the Cone Denim Entertainment Center is about to be ordered closed during the course of the investigation. My source has been 100% accurate dozens of times before. Will my blogging that information compromise the investigation? If yes I can delay the Autopost to give you more time while still being the first to go public with the story.
Any comment you'd like to add?


Chief Holder's reply yesterday:

"We have no investigation at this time.  Do you have information for us to consider?"

One could read between the lines looking at that second sentence and ponder if perhaps Rocky Scarfone is perhaps under investigation all the time.