Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rhino Times Greensboro Coliseum Advertising

As I wrote in my article, Kill The Rhino Times last Friday it has long been common knowledge among local journalists and media outlets that Roy Carroll and before him, John Hammer, have long inflated their circulation numbers. In one instance the Rhino claims to have 70,000 readers, in another it's 166,500 readers. Even the Rhino can't make up it's mind.

But here at EzGreensboro.com we dig deeper and we decided to dig into the cozy little arrangement Matt Brown and the Greensboro Coliseum Complex has for advertizing in the Rhino Times. We asked the City of Greensboro to provide us with the Rhino Times Circulation Audit and Barter Agreement. Clicking on the link gives you the Barter Agreement.

Now at first glance $13,000 cash plus 6 high dollar seats might seem like a really good deal but that's assuming the City of Greensboro knows how many people actually read the Rhino Times. You see, the City of Greensboro was unable to provide us with the Rhino Times Circulation Audit, I'm assuming because no such audit exists.

Is the City of Greensboro paying a total of $27,000 a year ($13,000 cash plus $14,000 in barter) for readers that don't exist? And without a 3rd party audit like other newspapers provide how can we know? And how many of those readers are parakeets, lovebirds and finches reading from atop their perches?

I don't know about you but the next time someone from the Rhino comes calling trying to sell advertising I'd demand that smelly brute show me some 3rd party audits before I write a check or hand over a credit card.

And Matt Brown and the City of Greensboro should be doing the same as these good ol' boy arrangements are bleeding Greensboro dry.