Friday, March 20, 2015

Kill The Rhino Times

Recently after George Hartzman was wrongly attacked by John Hammer of the Rhino Times in which Mr Hammer accused Mr Hartzman of attempting to get the City of Greensboro to invest employee retirement accounts with Mr Hartzman (I too was at that meeting, Mr Hammer, George did not ask the City to invest with him.) George decided to go after a few widely known falsehoods that have long been common knowledge in local media circles but have never before been reported by the local main stream media.

George began his attack with Democracy and a free press no longer exists in Greensboro, North Carolina. Without a doubt, John Hammer and Rhino owner/publisher Roy Carroll probably didn't even notice. But George wouldn't be daunted.

George made a few more moves that probably never got the Rhino's attention as such big dumb beasts seldom see threats before they're right in their face then slapped the stupid animal up side its head with Rhino Times; N.C. Gen. Stat § 75-1.1: Unfair & Deceptive Trade Practices Under North Carolina Law.

Now the stupid animal was pawing at the ground trying to figure out what hit it.

Then George stabbed the putrid beast with How can the Rhino claim to have 70,000 weekly readers if Roy is only distributing about 17,500 issues per week, many of which don't get read? and spoke publicly about how the City of Greensboro is being gouged by this disgusting animal.

"Roy Carroll's billboard next to his Bee Safe storage business on Battleground says the Rhino Times has over 70,000 readers for each issue.

After some rough math which both Roy Carroll and John Hammer declined comment on, I found it likely the Rhino has been misleading Greensboro's taxpayers, as Matt Brown runs a weekly Coliseum ad.

If City taxpayers are paying for Rhino ads under the impression they reach 70,000 readers weekly and it's not true, taxpayers and the Rhino's advertisers are overpaying via false advertising.

Inflating circulation is a form of theft, as advertising rates are based largely on circulation.

I call on Greensboro's city attorney and police department to investigate."

George brought blood. So much so that Rhino Times Publisher Roy Carroll hired a judge to hit George with a cease and desist order.

Advertising in the Rhino Times fell by 17% this week. The beast is wounded and scared, time to put it out of its misery by sharing this blog post with everyone you know. After all, the worst Roy can do is buy a judge to tell you to stop.

How does it feel to be Roy's shill, John?