Thursday, May 7, 2015

In a deeply buried paragraph of Roy Carroll's "Directionless Council Receives Off-the-shelf Budget"; More City Funding of the Civil Rights Museum

"The economic development fund is 0.5 cents on the tax rate and will be used to fund the Renaissance Plaza Shopping Center on Phillips Avenue, the International Civil Rights Center & Museum, the 17 Days Arts and Culture Festival and the National Folk Festival."

Lobbyist and Propaganda Artist John Hammer
in Roy Carroll's Rhino

Looks like a buried story 
to benefit Roy and John's buddy Skip.

Maybe the museum can use the $150,000
to offset the other City of Greensboro loan.

Not a taxpayer penny should go to the museum
as long as Skip and Earl's names are on the deed.

$150,000 more for the Civil Rights Museum? $10,000 plus police for the Wyndham which funds Mike Barber's First Tee?

City Manager Presents Tax Increase for FY15-16

Dear Bessemer Curb Market's Harold Powell, buy some politicians or marry like Don and Nancy, and get some City of Greensboro money to maintain your business